Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keep On The Sunny Side....

that's what I'm trying to do today!!! Damn if the Cowboys didn't lose badly today....granted I kinda thought they'd struggle and probably lose...but still....I had a little hope...until I saw flippin' BRAD JOHNSON doing NOTHING! UGH! Still...sunny side is .....hmmmm.....sunny side is if they continue to play like this, my Sundays will open up for other activities! ;o)

I got some cleaning done before the games began today....opened the was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Gorgeous! Sunshine, a slight warm breeze...pleasant temps in the 70s! WOW! That's the sunny side.....the flip side is the weatherman this morning muttered the S word when he was talking about the upcoming week......we could see rain/snow mix by Thursday. Say it ain't so!!! Say it ain't SNOW! :o( I IS November...and usually in the past it's been horrid weather on Halloween, so we were lucky this year.

Then I sat and watched football for the afternoon and did hands are all cramped up and my thumb and forefinger and super sore....but the sunny side is I finished binding my fav' nephew's quilt during the double header! YAY!

Jake and Emmitt decided to try it out and it passed their test apparently. :o)

After the Cowboys' demise...I trotted downstairs and popped the quilt in the washer...then sat down to the sewing machine and made two matching pillowcases. It's about time to go down and switch the quilt to the dryer...get it all fluffed and ready to ship out! I had to wash it because A) the backing was a little stiff and I'd like it to be "bed ready" for him...and 2) Ellie the fat cat parked her fat arse on the thing repeatedly, so cat hair. It's all good now though, and I'll have it mailed off! Finally! YAY!!!!

It's been a fun and sunny Sunday! That's the 'sunny side'....the down side to THAT's BEEN a fun and sunny Sunday and it's just about over and back to WORK tomorrow. UGH.....I'll have to take some time to think of the sunny side to that one!


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Littlebit said...

What a fantastic quilt, Kim! Looks sooooo comfy. MM