Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Many Christmases .....

do YOU have? We only have one....well...kinda...we do get together for an hour or so with the hubster's family on Christmas day....but for the most part, we just have our own Christmas. I live 1,000 miles in any direction from any extended family, but am blessed enough to have my kiddos right we have pretty much just one Christmas.

Tonight Jake, the hubs and I went to see Four Christmases. Very funny! We just love Vince Vaughn...he's so funny in all of his films! The guys like the baby puking parts the best...or should I say Vince Vaughn's character's RESPONSE to the baby puking. It was classic. Comical!

Also comical was the trip to the ladies room AFTER the movie! It was like watching Mission Impossible 5----Femme Maneuvers. Okay--I'll set the stage...the restroom was actually's a nice theater....yet several of the women must not have had the use of their opposable thumbs or something. Opened the stall door with the elbow....flush with the foot (I'll give them that)....turn on the faucet with the elbow...pump the soap with their wrist.....prompt the disposable towels out...again with the elbow......after drying the hands...hold the the door with the towel...hold the door ajar with their foot....take on a weird Twister style pose and try to lob the used paper towel in to the waste basket while holding the door open with said foot....God forbid our HANDS should touch anything!! I decided to be BRAVE and I pumped the soap with my hand....dried my hands....and *GASP!* opened the door WITH * MY * HAND! So far...I'm still alive....I'll have to check my vitals later though and make sure some weird strange germ didn't infiltrate my immune system. I'll let you know if my trip to the ladies room causes any strange symptoms. LOL

The movie capped off a busy day! Jake, Emmitt and I had some quality time together...running errands...had a nice lunch of Godzilla rolls, California rolls and sushi (Emmitt napped in the car)....strolled thru Hobby Lobby (again, Emmitt napped)...they had quilt batting on sale for 30% off, so I picked up some of the Hobbs fusible to try. I have --ahem---a few quilt tops I could probably quilt myself and save some yeah...I'll try the fusible because I detest pin basting! Has anyone tried the fusible yet? Wondering if there's any special tricks? I also picked up a lovely pair of scissors..Klasse....had a 40% off coupon to use. Done at Hobby Lobby. Ventured on to the mall...picked up a gift for DD at Bath & Body Works...she loves that store! Then I had another coupon that HAD to be used this weekend at Yankee Candle...yay! New scents! Wandered in to Zumiez so Jake could check out the shoes and sweatshirts....strolled around a bit....then called it a day.

I've laid out some Jo Morton fabrics....tomorrow I may work on my Jo's Little Women Club's been a great weekend! I am going to TRY and not dwell on the fact that it's almost over.....*SIGH* If only every day/week could be like this 4 day weekend...with a little ENJOYABLE work thrown in........soon it will be that way! I just know it!

How did YOU spend your day? and how many Christmases do YOU have to endure and/or enjoy? :o)



Tolentreasures said...

We have the Italian seven fishes on Christmas Eve with my MIL and then this year for the first we will be alone on Christmas and have our Christmas with all the kids the following day. With babies comes parents (our kids)wanting to be home on the day and not running and I can't blame them at all, so we adjust. sounds like you had the weekend that I to decorate today.

Melissa said...

Living 600 miles from both our families we only have one Christmas, but if we were home it would be four, Christmas Eve at my uncle's, Christmas day at my MIL, then my mom's and then a stop by my dad and his wife's house.

One of the reasons I was happy to move away from home was not having to share my Christmas and now looking back it would have been stressful but time spent with family. I really hate that my kids don't know Christmas surrounded by cousins and extended family and those family members that you only see once a year.