Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasure TV Habit

Okay....let's be honest....we all have them...those guilty pleasure TV shows that you REALLY don't discuss at work the next day...but yet you wouldn't miss an episode! I openly admit, and discuss freely at work, the latest developments on American Idol each season......no problem. But only with a select few do I discuss the goings on of other shows.

I am currently watching Dancing With The Stars. I admit I am not a 'fan', per se, but end up catching the last couple shows each year. Well...except when my bud, Emmitt Smith, was on...then, well, I had let my Emmitt watch his namesake each week...he INSISTED! ;o) And I so love Lance Bass......I hope he wins. :o)

I also really do like Dirty Sexy Money! Who'da thunk it? Have you watched it? It's wickedly smart and addicting! I DVR it....it's true.

VH1's Celebrity Rehab is a trainwreck I do somewhat enjoy looky-loo-ing every now and then too. It's a sad show.....a human show....I watch it.

But hardly anyone knows that I am a Real Housewives junkie! A JUNKIE I say! Real Housewives of Orange County are my FAVORITEST.......the Housewives of New York...eh...okay......and I honestly didn't think I could be as addicted to the Atlanta wives...and I'm not ADDICTED...but I do watch. The gal I didn't think I would like in the beginning, has ended up being my favorite on the show because she seems to be the most real.... NeNe. These ladies are a HOOT on this show! It's comical and so that makes it somewhat entertaining because they're just ridiculous! But the OC wives...they are fabulous...they are still my ultimate and they're coming BACK for another SEASON!! OMG get the DVR ready now......stock up on the wine, cheese and crackers, and hide my laptop..go ahead...I won't need it when that show is on! I LOVE those ladies and I have no idea why.

So that's my Guilty Pleasure tv habit.....Bravo...November 25....get ready...the OC gals are comin' BACK! Yeah baby!!!

What are your guilty pleasure shows? C'mon.....own up to it...I won't judge! ;o)



Kim said...

Greys Anatomy. Blood, guts and cat fights, who knew that could be so fascinating.

Littlebit said...

Ah, Kim! I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't many bad habits. LOL! Mine are mostly in the form of books..I'm with you on American Idol, and I'm terribly fond of Jack Bauer. Hmm..I'm sure there must be more and I just cannot think of them. MM

Melissa said...

Project Runway! I can't live without it. It's also the deep dark secret of my 13 yr old son. I've raised him well, he can tackle linebackers on the football field and come home and discuss the designs and creativity on Project Runway.

South Park--everyone that I've told how much I love this show, is appalled. Trey Parker is a genius. If you get past the potty mouthed 8 yr olds you find some pretty solid writing on current social issues and pop culture. Being the mom of three boys it's really helped keep the lines of communication open, we talk about everything and I know it's because of South Park, no subject is too sensitive to discuss in my house.

Battlestar Galactica, The X Files and uh Dawson's Creek(I have a thing for Pacey ok?)

And My Super Sweet 16--OMG! Those kids are horrible, awful, horrible! I can't stop watching.

Jacque said...

We have much the same tastes in tv...Love AI, Dancing and Project Runway. And I totally agree that the OC housewives are the best..I couldn't deal with the Atlanta group...WAY too much drama. NY was ok, but nothing beats the OC crew!

I'm way excited for the return of Jack Bauer...maybe I watch TOO much tv! : )