Sunday, November 16, 2008

Double Post Sunday

But hey.....I'm so flippin' excited! The Cowboys WON! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! C'mon......breathe a collective sigh of relief with me!


Broken pinkies aside....

Thanks, Tony & Marion!! Super win!!

I TRIED to stitch a little today on the Ann Raynor sampler....but I's a huge project and so it's really hard for me to stick with it when there's absolutely no end in sight at the moment!

See what I mean? If you look at the pic in the can see I have but a mere blip of the design done. Oh deadlines....just enjoy the process...that's what I keep telling myself! Everyone should have a "no-end-in-sight" project by their chair...don't you think?



Littlebit said...

Oh, Kim!! It's absolutely stunning!! I LOVE IT! NEISP! I'll have to adopt that..does it necessarily have to be a big project? LOL! MM

Paulette said...

LOL - I think I'll adopt it too! A NEISP! I have a few of those... I suppose when I'm nearing the end, it'll turn into a LATEOFTP, for Light At The End Of The Tunnel Project. LOL


Paulette said...

Oh good grief, my keyboard skipped. I meant LATEOTTP. :)