Sunday, November 02, 2008

Done and Goodnight!

Yes! I finished! The pic doesn't do it justice....and it's going to be impatiently waiting for a lovely burlwood frame! Ooooh I can see it!

And so I'm off to dreamland....and will be all ready to start a new project tomorrow...I'm guessing that most of the day will be spent binding Ja's quilt....I certainly hope that she's not planning on sleeping in tomorrow!




Raedene said...

I love the cross stitch. The fall colors pop out from the dark background. Kittie is so cute.

Littlebit said...

LOVE the CHS design on that (is it) black fabric, Kim! Can't wait to see it framed. MM

Paulette said...

LOL - I find it hilarious that Ellie cannot stay off of your quilts! You should start keeping a mini photo book of her laying on each quilt you make.