Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold & Comfort

Brrrr...yes...tis cold today......I think it got up to 34...but the wind....BRRRRRRRRRR.....very nippy!

And bummer of bummers...I seem to be trying to come down with a cold! Waaaah! I hate drainage! LOL So my day has been filled with this:

Trying to sooth the throat and stay warm and comfy. And so it seemed the like the perfect night for some comfort food.....can you say CARBONARA! YUM! What could be better on a cold night than some creamy carbonara goodness!

Talk about a simple meal...and good. If you haven't tried it...I urge you to give it a shot...there are plenty of recipes out there for it. Please....just be sure and use real shredded parmesan...none of the powder crap for this! and heavy whipping extra touch!

and good bacon......and you won't be sorry!

Definite comfort food!!

Also comforting is an out of the blue call from a fav' cuz...Hi Gary! Great talking with you...and you just never know when we'll take you up on that Florida visit offer...'specially when the wind blows and the temps fall! Palm trees and sand??? ooooh...tempt me! LOL

Hope everyone's enjoying their own 'comfort' tonight!



Kim said...

YUM...I'll give it a try. You and I have the same dinner plates! Did you buy yours in a variety of colors that are offered?

Melissa said...

Carbonara is on my menu for tonight!

Hope you're feeling better. I remember the first time I had hot tea. We were living in Ohio and I was sick and one of the girls I worked with said go home, make a cup of Constant Comment, some cheese toast and some broth and you'll feel so much better. I didn't know what Constant Comment was, she gave me a handfull of tea bags and now to this day when I am sick or just feel bad I want Constant Comment.