Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America Has Grown Up!

I love it when I hear words like "Hope" "Change" "Movement" "Progress"...all words coming from commentators when they speak of Barack Obama....our next President! I am THRILLED!!!! Like a CNN analyst said...all the pundits early on said America would never elect an African-American as President...but guess what...America has grown up! I loved that he said that..because I've always thought that! Hooray for America's Growing Up! I'm so glad! I'm so glad race didn't hold the majority of Americans back from voting for change. :o)



Kathie said...

lets see if you feel the same way and he delivers in 2 years.

Raggedy Angel said...

I am to!!!!!
Why do people HAVE to be sooooo negitive (Kathie)?

TamboinMO said...

America NEEDS Obama
Someone to lead with their heart and head and not their fist....the world is excited for us.

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...

It's a great day, Kim.

And Kathie -- I'll still feel the same in 2 years. After 8 years of George Bush and Dick Cheney, Obama -- a smart and energetic man -- will be a breath of fresh air!


Jacque said...

I am so thrilled...my husband not so much! Oh well! : )

Kathie, why does he only get two years when Bush has gotten eight to put us where we are?!

Anonymous said...

I like that, America has grown up! That we have! I still get choked up! I am so proud of our country today.

Kim said...

I agree with everyone but Kathie, sorry Kathie but I do look forward to 8 great years of strong leadership. A breath of fresh air. Exciting times! I am a happy girl! La la la la la la la...well, a grown up girl, but feeling lighter at heart as a girl should.

Sheri said...

Lets' remember one thing... it wasn't that many years ago that women couldn't vote. Can you imagine how it feels to be an African American right now? I LOVE THIS COUNTRY and can't wait for Obama's new direction!!
Signed, a proud American.