Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Many Christmases .....

do YOU have? We only have one....well...kinda...we do get together for an hour or so with the hubster's family on Christmas day....but for the most part, we just have our own Christmas. I live 1,000 miles in any direction from any extended family, but am blessed enough to have my kiddos right we have pretty much just one Christmas.

Tonight Jake, the hubs and I went to see Four Christmases. Very funny! We just love Vince Vaughn...he's so funny in all of his films! The guys like the baby puking parts the best...or should I say Vince Vaughn's character's RESPONSE to the baby puking. It was classic. Comical!

Also comical was the trip to the ladies room AFTER the movie! It was like watching Mission Impossible 5----Femme Maneuvers. Okay--I'll set the stage...the restroom was actually's a nice theater....yet several of the women must not have had the use of their opposable thumbs or something. Opened the stall door with the elbow....flush with the foot (I'll give them that)....turn on the faucet with the elbow...pump the soap with their wrist.....prompt the disposable towels out...again with the elbow......after drying the hands...hold the the door with the towel...hold the door ajar with their foot....take on a weird Twister style pose and try to lob the used paper towel in to the waste basket while holding the door open with said foot....God forbid our HANDS should touch anything!! I decided to be BRAVE and I pumped the soap with my hand....dried my hands....and *GASP!* opened the door WITH * MY * HAND! So far...I'm still alive....I'll have to check my vitals later though and make sure some weird strange germ didn't infiltrate my immune system. I'll let you know if my trip to the ladies room causes any strange symptoms. LOL

The movie capped off a busy day! Jake, Emmitt and I had some quality time together...running errands...had a nice lunch of Godzilla rolls, California rolls and sushi (Emmitt napped in the car)....strolled thru Hobby Lobby (again, Emmitt napped)...they had quilt batting on sale for 30% off, so I picked up some of the Hobbs fusible to try. I have --ahem---a few quilt tops I could probably quilt myself and save some yeah...I'll try the fusible because I detest pin basting! Has anyone tried the fusible yet? Wondering if there's any special tricks? I also picked up a lovely pair of scissors..Klasse....had a 40% off coupon to use. Done at Hobby Lobby. Ventured on to the mall...picked up a gift for DD at Bath & Body Works...she loves that store! Then I had another coupon that HAD to be used this weekend at Yankee Candle...yay! New scents! Wandered in to Zumiez so Jake could check out the shoes and sweatshirts....strolled around a bit....then called it a day.

I've laid out some Jo Morton fabrics....tomorrow I may work on my Jo's Little Women Club's been a great weekend! I am going to TRY and not dwell on the fact that it's almost over.....*SIGH* If only every day/week could be like this 4 day weekend...with a little ENJOYABLE work thrown in........soon it will be that way! I just know it!

How did YOU spend your day? and how many Christmases do YOU have to endure and/or enjoy? :o)


Friday, November 28, 2008

No Black Friday Here!

And how was your Thanksgiving? I hope pleasant and filled with good times, as ours was! As always...too much food! All good...and tons of leftovers!!

Today has been recuperation shopping for me. No sirree....I may venture out tomorrow, but today was about relaxing and starting the Christmas decorating!!

I made this quilt a few years's a Red Wagon pattern....and I did all the applique in with a raw edge, so it was a quick one! Can you tell it's been rolled up and down in the basement with the other holiday decor? It's a little wrinkly....but in due time, I'm confident it won't be. Gravity has a way....

And look!

Recognize my Goodwill find? The lovely little Silent Night cross stitch piece! It tucks in so nicely with my little porcelain nativity trio! The frame is a perfect ivory match! Who knew! And for fifty cents!

This evening, I trodded downstairs to the sewing studio and finished up the bird toile piece...

Sorry for the not so great picture....the boys had their Xbox stuff strewn on the floor, so I just plopped the quilt top down and snapped the pic. Now to figure out how to quilt it??? Maybe just send it out for a quick small meander...and then a quick trip through the washer and dryer for some puckery goodness!!!'s only Friday! This is great! I wonder what tomorrow will bring! Hope you're enjoying today!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Let The Games Begin!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! Now the fun starts!!!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nene Rocks!

OMG if you caught Bravo's Atlanta Housewives Reunion tonight.....oh my...then you may agree! Nene does keep it real! And Lisa too! "I'll flip you over the couch"..OMG!!! Too funny!!!! Sheree and Kim....ick pooey! Both fake and gold-diggers. YUCK!

I DVRd the Housewives of OC and will settle in maybe late tomorrow evening and watch! So wickedly wonderful! :o)

Thanksgiving prep is in progress! A couple side dishes are baked and in the frig....tomorrow evening will be pies and dessert. Unfortunately no 'early release' from the office tomorrow....DAMN! So my tomorrow evening will be full of cooking, baking and Housewives watchin'!!

How about you? Are you in prep mode? What's on your menu? Any good desserts to share?


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Muddling, Piddling & Cuddling

THAT's what this Dallas Cowboys lovin' gal did in lieu of planting myself in front of the TV.

First off I thought I would just whip out the toile quilt...ha! Muddled that all up! ARGH!!! Cut the borders too damn short...WHA????? So...enough of that! I wasn't going to deal with the mess I then I went on to Piddling.....dishes, laundry, stayed up on the football scores (WOOOOHOO Cowboys ROCK!) reading...

and so that lead to Cuddling....with my sweet little Emmitt....he's easy to cuddle with! And he was LOVIN' the down time today!

So nothing much to report on for the day....just a relaxing Sunday...and now I'm doing this....

undoing the muddling. Getting ready to embark on a 3 day workweek. YEAH! Now THAT's something to look forward to! Hope everyone had a super day!


What's A Girl To Do?????

Please insert incessant WHINING when you read the title. WAAAAAAAAH!!! What IS a girl to do? A Dallas Cowboys-Lovin' Girl? When she lives in flippin' ViQUEENS country and is subjected to sucky football with Purple & Gold uniforms today on the tube instead of that beautiful Silver & Blue?

Stay tuned................


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Truly a FAB Thursday!

Fab! As in fabulous and full of FABRIC! WOW! Look what arrived today in the mail!

Gorgeous greens from Judie Rothermel's line, courtesy of a fabulous deal by the lovely Raedene! Oh thank you, Raedene, and thanks for the extra goodies!!! You are too sweet, and I can't wait to figure out what to make with all of these greens!!!

Today my friend, Twyla ( emailed to see if I would be joining her Jo's Little Women Club....which began tonight. I tried to talk myself out of myself all kinds of I'm too tired after work. I don't see well to drive at night. It's cold. It's dark. I have enough projects. The cat box needs emptied. The bathroom needs cleaned. And then there's always laundry to take up my time. I have to cook for my family.....I could go on. LOL Of course these were all just empty excuses...and so I decided to join. And ventured out to the shop after the work was such a nice time!!! and LOOK! I had to buy FABRIC! OMG....for shame, for shame!

Fabulous Jo Morton fabrics! Can you stand it??? I can't! :o) I'm quite happy and excited to get busy and get some quilts done!

And while I was there, I quickly decided to duplicate the exact Jo Morton fabrics that my friend Paulette and her dear mom picked up recently as a kit.....

This will be a SUPER quick one to put together, but it will be oh so very lovely!!! I can't wait!!!

Yes indeed...a FAB Thursday today for certain!! Hope yours was fun as well!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dinner & A Movie? predictable is THAT? Nope..the hubs and I had dinner and a jaunt thru a couple furni stores......*sigh*.......nothing really screamed out at us.

Leather? (yes hair slides off easily)
Upholstered? (maybe a side chair, but...see dog hair)
MicroFiber? (NO!)
Built in Recliners? (Preferably not...but hubs likes this part)

Our dear sweet Sam...bless his heart....he's a golden retriever/black lab mix....ahem...yes...SHEDSVILLE! BIG...LOOOONG...somewhat wavy hairs.....left behind wherever he rests his sweet self. Emmitt......perfect pet miniature schnoodle that does not shed.....he would be fine with upholstery...he will leave no trail. Ellie the Fat Cat.....super shedder.....her hair and Sam's hairs get together...and...well...big tumbleweeds of pet hair. So I do really think for the sake of anyone coming in to sit down on our furniture, leather would be good....easy to wipe down and get the pet hair off. Now it's just finding that perfect piece.

Apparently, after jaunts thru two furni stores this evening, that's easier said than done. The hunt continues...............


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guilty Pleasure TV Habit

Okay....let's be honest....we all have them...those guilty pleasure TV shows that you REALLY don't discuss at work the next day...but yet you wouldn't miss an episode! I openly admit, and discuss freely at work, the latest developments on American Idol each problem. But only with a select few do I discuss the goings on of other shows.

I am currently watching Dancing With The Stars. I admit I am not a 'fan', per se, but end up catching the last couple shows each year. Well...except when my bud, Emmitt Smith, was on...then, well, I had let my Emmitt watch his namesake each week...he INSISTED! ;o) And I so love Lance Bass......I hope he wins. :o)

I also really do like Dirty Sexy Money! Who'da thunk it? Have you watched it? It's wickedly smart and addicting! I DVR's true.

VH1's Celebrity Rehab is a trainwreck I do somewhat enjoy looky-loo-ing every now and then too. It's a sad show.....a human show....I watch it.

But hardly anyone knows that I am a Real Housewives junkie! A JUNKIE I say! Real Housewives of Orange County are my FAVORITEST.......the Housewives of New I honestly didn't think I could be as addicted to the Atlanta wives...and I'm not ADDICTED...but I do watch. The gal I didn't think I would like in the beginning, has ended up being my favorite on the show because she seems to be the most real.... NeNe. These ladies are a HOOT on this show! It's comical and so that makes it somewhat entertaining because they're just ridiculous! But the OC wives...they are fabulous...they are still my ultimate and they're coming BACK for another SEASON!! OMG get the DVR ready now......stock up on the wine, cheese and crackers, and hide my laptop..go ahead...I won't need it when that show is on! I LOVE those ladies and I have no idea why.

So that's my Guilty Pleasure tv habit.....Bravo...November 25....get ready...the OC gals are comin' BACK! Yeah baby!!!

What are your guilty pleasure shows? C'mon.....own up to it...I won't judge! ;o)


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Double Post Sunday

But hey.....I'm so flippin' excited! The Cowboys WON! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! C'mon......breathe a collective sigh of relief with me!


Broken pinkies aside....

Thanks, Tony & Marion!! Super win!!

I TRIED to stitch a little today on the Ann Raynor sampler....but I's a huge project and so it's really hard for me to stick with it when there's absolutely no end in sight at the moment!

See what I mean? If you look at the pic in the can see I have but a mere blip of the design done. Oh deadlines....just enjoy the process...that's what I keep telling myself! Everyone should have a "no-end-in-sight" project by their chair...don't you think?


Shifting Paradigm thanks to everyone for their ideas with the vintage playing cards fabric! It was a toss up between doing a pieced border around a chunk of the fabric...or framing out rectangle cuts in different fabrics. Both were very appealing to me! HOWEVER....ahem....there has to be a paradigm shift now. Because not only did cuz Gary call from Florida to say hello...but also he called to call "DIBS" on the playing cards quilt! Says that fabric has his name written all over it.....clearly he has fabulouso taste! ;o) that it's not for me...but clearly a quilt for a guy...what do you think about this???

I know...I'm completely changing things now! But...hmmmm....I think I can see it in this Maple Island Quilts pattern.....though the lights and darks would be switched around. I think it would have a great graphic look to it......and I could use this repro black print as the 'background' kinda actually looks like the back of a vintage playing card! And then the fabulous jewel green Moda print...that I have been hoarding for YEARS......not wanting to use it....but I think that fabulous emerald green needs to be the other part of this graphic quilt. What do you think?

I will be thrilled to make this specifically for Gary! Seems strange to call him my cousin....but that's what he is! He's my mother's cousin....and he came to live with us in Ohio back in the 70s and early 80s from New Kensington, PA. And I remember thinking he was so fun and crazy!!! was HE that drove me down to Chillicothe shopping for my birthday when I selected the Eagles Greatest Hits album..the blue skull one...and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. We shared a love of music....and it was always so fun hearing his stories of life outside of the little small town I grew up in. were almost WORLDLY to me! LOL

I found this pic......

I know, it looks like something out of That 70s Show! That's Gary in the glasses....sitting beside my dear dad..both looking so damn thrilled that mom had the camera out again. That's my baby brother Scott, posing as cute as a button...and then me...with long hair! LOL We loved playing Yahtzee....and just how cool is Gary? The hair, the glasses...the denim bibs. Aaaaah the good ol' days. And check out that WALLPAPER! LOL I don't know why it looks like one of Scott's eyeballs has been blacked out...must have had something on the digital camera lens when I took this pic of the pic last night....but anyhooooo......

Gary...this quilt will be for you! :o) So you'll have to tell me if you strongly dislike this pattern.....and if you do, then I'll just think of something else...maybe back to the big chunk of fabric with the green as an inner border and the black print as the outer border. Or...or....or....????? Here we go again! LOL


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cold & Comfort

Brrrr...yes...tis cold today......I think it got up to 34...but the wind....BRRRRRRRRRR.....very nippy!

And bummer of bummers...I seem to be trying to come down with a cold! Waaaah! I hate drainage! LOL So my day has been filled with this:

Trying to sooth the throat and stay warm and comfy. And so it seemed the like the perfect night for some comfort food.....can you say CARBONARA! YUM! What could be better on a cold night than some creamy carbonara goodness!

Talk about a simple meal...and good. If you haven't tried it...I urge you to give it a shot...there are plenty of recipes out there for it. Please....just be sure and use real shredded parmesan...none of the powder crap for this! and heavy whipping extra touch!

and good bacon......and you won't be sorry!

Definite comfort food!!

Also comforting is an out of the blue call from a fav' cuz...Hi Gary! Great talking with you...and you just never know when we'll take you up on that Florida visit offer...'specially when the wind blows and the temps fall! Palm trees and sand??? ooooh...tempt me! LOL

Hope everyone's enjoying their own 'comfort' tonight!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Next Project...

or is it the next CHALLENGE! I'm on the hunt....for that 'just right' pattern for this:

I picked up 3 yards of the playing card print...I just loved the colors in it...and now I'm searching for a pattern. I don't want to cut it up too small...then I'll lose the impact of the playing cards! So I'm playing around. After I cleaned up the stash the other day, I pulled fabrics...those are lined up to the left. I had thought about just going super simple..showcasing the playing card fab....and doing either like a piano key sashing around squares or rectangles of the playing cards, or doing scrappy checkerboard sashing. I can't decide, but I think the main fab is so busy that it needs to stay simple.

Any idears??? Please let me hear your opinions! :o)


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last Week's Treasures, Today's Agenda?

So Thursday night, the hubs says "Let's go out for gyros"...and so we did. and still my beating heart...he said "Wanna go over to the Goodwill and see what we can find?".....Oh joy! He's in treasure hunt mode!'s cheap and entertaining FUN! And look what I found this time around....

It is no secret to those that know me, that I am a SUCKER for nice handmade kills me to no end that they end up in thrift stores! So I adopt nice ones and bring them home! This reminded me of something I would have made in girl scouts, but I loved it and it was a buck:

Okay--and I will admit this...only after I washed it up when I got it home did I realize it has a cross pattern! LOL I was looking at it from a side view and just loved the randomness...and then BAM! Whapped me right upside the forehead...duh! Oh was a long day at work on Thursday...that's my excuse! LOL

And then I found this lovely little piece....for FIFTY CENTS ....and it's professionally framed (sticker on the back from a framing studio in Chicago)...

I thought it would look lovely mixed in a table vignette for the holidays.

And then found ANOTHER "Peru" picnic basket...yep...same Goodwill that I found the other one! This one...four bucks!

It's taken it's rightful place stacked on top of the other in my sewing studio and is functioning wonderfully holding a quilt kit or two!

So....a gyro plate and $5.83 at date am I! Oh! and the hubs did find a very nice Coleman cook stove for four bucks! Perfect for ice fishing season! It was a great evening!

And I ponder what I will do today....the Cowboys have a bye week...I'm thinking maybe I need to head to the east side of the city to the new large bright Goodwill and see what I can find THERE today! We'll see if I can get the urge to go out in the cold to get there! Maybe I'll just nest in the sewing room! We'll see!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Insanity Tidied Up a Bit



EEEEK! Look how the stash is dwindling! I mean, I KNOW this has been the try and deplete it and make quilts without purchasing fabric...but I'm starting to get nervous! I think it's time......gotta add some to it! Must have purples...and oranges....some more clear-color-fabrics....some more blacks...etc.

Nice to have one more thing off the 'to-do' list, and now it's easier to paw the fabric and play! Hope your day was grand!


Saturday Insanity!

I think I'm suffering from some creative quilting insanity. Didn't someone once say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results? or something like that? Anyhooo...I'm thinking that's true when it comes to the quilting stash! It's time to shake some things up...otherwise my quilts are all going to look the same!

So today...I'm going to 'gut' the fabric stash storage...refold, regroup, rethink, rearrange! I'm excited! Hopefully it will get me thinking of different fabric combos etc and I can see where there may be some 'holes' in the stash as far as color families, etc.

There's a dusting of snow on the ground.....I don't have to be anywhere today.....perfect day for trying to restore some sanity to the stash!!!

The batteries are deader than a doornail in the no pics today, but I did add some links to my'll take you to quilts I've made over the well as samplers I've stitched!

Have a great today! :o)


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America Has Grown Up!

I love it when I hear words like "Hope" "Change" "Movement" "Progress"...all words coming from commentators when they speak of Barack Obama....our next President! I am THRILLED!!!! Like a CNN analyst said...all the pundits early on said America would never elect an African-American as President...but guess what...America has grown up! I loved that he said that..because I've always thought that! Hooray for America's Growing Up! I'm so glad! I'm so glad race didn't hold the majority of Americans back from voting for change. :o)


So exciting!!!

You guys....I raced home from excited to get home and turn on CNN....this is sooo exciting! Witnessing history! Witnessing PROGRESS and positive CHANGE! I get goosebumps!!!!

I just break out in a big grin when I see the HUGE young demographic out in throngs in support of Obama. This is empowering for them! They exercised their right to vote and now believe they can really change the world!!

It's still early, I know, but I'm feeling pretty good right about now! :o))


Monday, November 03, 2008


Vote tomorrow! VOTE!


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keep On The Sunny Side....

that's what I'm trying to do today!!! Damn if the Cowboys didn't lose badly today....granted I kinda thought they'd struggle and probably lose...but still....I had a little hope...until I saw flippin' BRAD JOHNSON doing NOTHING! UGH! Still...sunny side is .....hmmmm.....sunny side is if they continue to play like this, my Sundays will open up for other activities! ;o)

I got some cleaning done before the games began today....opened the was a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Gorgeous! Sunshine, a slight warm breeze...pleasant temps in the 70s! WOW! That's the sunny side.....the flip side is the weatherman this morning muttered the S word when he was talking about the upcoming week......we could see rain/snow mix by Thursday. Say it ain't so!!! Say it ain't SNOW! :o( I IS November...and usually in the past it's been horrid weather on Halloween, so we were lucky this year.

Then I sat and watched football for the afternoon and did hands are all cramped up and my thumb and forefinger and super sore....but the sunny side is I finished binding my fav' nephew's quilt during the double header! YAY!

Jake and Emmitt decided to try it out and it passed their test apparently. :o)

After the Cowboys' demise...I trotted downstairs and popped the quilt in the washer...then sat down to the sewing machine and made two matching pillowcases. It's about time to go down and switch the quilt to the dryer...get it all fluffed and ready to ship out! I had to wash it because A) the backing was a little stiff and I'd like it to be "bed ready" for him...and 2) Ellie the fat cat parked her fat arse on the thing repeatedly, so cat hair. It's all good now though, and I'll have it mailed off! Finally! YAY!!!!

It's been a fun and sunny Sunday! That's the 'sunny side'....the down side to THAT's BEEN a fun and sunny Sunday and it's just about over and back to WORK tomorrow. UGH.....I'll have to take some time to think of the sunny side to that one!


Done and Goodnight!

Yes! I finished! The pic doesn't do it justice....and it's going to be impatiently waiting for a lovely burlwood frame! Ooooh I can see it!

And so I'm off to dreamland....and will be all ready to start a new project tomorrow...I'm guessing that most of the day will be spent binding Ja's quilt....I certainly hope that she's not planning on sleeping in tomorrow!



Saturday, November 01, 2008

Okay...I'm back!

Wow! There's been a lapse in the ol' bloggin'! Sorry about that! Truth be power cord for my laptop took a aside from running this baby out to the car and charging it up with my car adapter, I've been off the computer for quite a few days!! EEEEK! I've been beside myself! BUT...Dell to the power cord will be here Monday! YAY! Until then...spotty surfin' for me!

It's been a crazy busy week at work....I need to stop having those! LOL And then your typical life happenings...all keeping me busy!

Look what I got! Some Blackbird Designs goodness!

My dear, dear friend Paulette (Hi Paulette!) and I couldn't stand it and had to get both! LOVELY projects! Oh my goodness! Must APPLIQUE! Must APPLIQUE! That's what these books sing to me! AND must buy RICK RACK...and WOOL. Oops..wait a sec...I've already got the wool thing down for a bit I'd say! But if you haven't must check these two titles out! Fabulous reading and drooling is afforded by those Blackbird Designs gals every flippin' time!!!

Tonight, after a day of errand running, the hubs and I enjoyed a fabulous dinner of ribeye steaks and the best baked potatoes....a few glasses of was nice. And now I sit stitching on my Carriage House Samplings's the progress...

I do believe I can finish this ....heck..maybe even tonight! I DO gain an extra hour at some it's completely long as I don't spend too much time on the 'net!

I'm hoping I get it finished and then tomorrow I can devote my time to doing the handwork on the binding of my fav' nephew's quilt! YAY! Picked it up from the Miss Twyla's today....he's going to be so thrilled! Of course it's that means it's going to have like 8 or 11 sides by the time I finally get finished with the binding! I'll have to remember to start on a long side.....then that last side won't seem like it'll take so long! Weird, I know...I know it's the same length regardless of which side you start on...but's a game I play. ;o)

So..I'm off to get busy some more on the CHS piece...hoping I can get it done..and heck, maybe even use that extra hour I get tonight for sleep or something! Have a great night...and don't forget to turn your clocks back!