Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day!! Saturday!

What a fantastic Saturday! Wow! The weather was autumnal...leaves falling...a slight mist off and on all day...the crispness in the air...Aaaaaah....wonderful!

I spent the morning with multiple cups of java, blog reading and watching the quilting shows on PBS. Hit the shower about 11ish...then ran some errands.

Back all domestic! I have been bitching all week that I don't have any leftover containers anywhere any more...where could they be? the frig that's packed with old leftovers. So...I won't take you there, but there was some fuzzy creatures taking up residence in the I evicted them and now I have a wealth of leftover containers! :o)

After that, I readied myself....when I read 'Posie Gets Cozy's blog this morning, she had a delish post about this...

Sour Cream Apple Pie! I had to make one...never had ......and let me tell you...once it cooled....

You've got to try it for yourself! YUMMMM-mee

Did some puttering around the's another cool find I scored at Goodwill last week! It's a HUGE and heavy silverplate 3 tier server! I'm using it in the sewing studio for now...

Pincushions will rest upon it until such time as the holidays come and I need a multi-tier treat tray! 5 bucks....I thought was fair. Very lovely! While downstairs...I worked on the blocks....tried to start to lay them out...

but Ellie had other plans and so I gave up. I'll hopefully finish the top up tomorrow...while she's sleeping instead of tearing thru the blocks.

Now I'm upstairs...with this...

*GASP! DMC! and BLACK LINEN! and a chart!'s true.....stitching I shall be here in a few minutes. At least until I can't keep my eyes open. Perhaps 9:45PM, some sinus issues, black linen and burning eyes don't go together? We'll see!

Today was opening day of Pheasant the hubs and Sam were gone for the day....huntinin...brought back one bird. They'll go again I'm confident I'll get a lot accomplished on the quilt top! I'll post progress as it is made!

Hope your day was fruitful and fun!


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Paulette said...

Okay, that does it! You're having my most perfect day up there in South Dakotie, so I'm getting my fat fanny off of here and gett'n bizzayyy!!!! Gotta try that pie!!!!

P.S. Ellie cracks me up!! She can't stand to have good quilt blocks laying round wasted, can she?