Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Celebrations!!

No..the Cowboys haven't won..YET! It's only noon! :o) BUT.....LOOK!

The quilt top's done! Finite! Even the border! All before noon AND I slept in until after 8 this morning. I really love the way it turned out AND....the entire top came from my stash! No fabric was purchased specifically for the making of this quilt! Of course there's still no sign of a dent in the wall of fabric....but what a great feeling that I had everything I needed to make this! I love that olive green...the reds...I just love it!

The other reason I'm personally celebrating is that a distinguished and educated Republican has come out in complete support of the RIGHT man to lead this country! I'm sure you've heard...Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. He said it so eloquently..all the reasons why...and they're GOOD reasons...they're SANE reasons.....I'm so glad someone in the Republican party had the courage to say what I've been saying and thinking. Hey..people...c' know he's the one to change the country for the better. I'm so excited and cannot wait for November 4! I get goosebumps! The Choice 2008 on PBS was showing Senator Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic convention...and how the crowd reacted was electrifying. This man is Hope with a capital "H".

But I won't go completely political on you today! I'm going to pick up a needle and stitch now and watch some Football! Unfortunately I'm in the land of the ViQUEENS, and so no Cowboys on the TV today.....I'll have to settle for gamebreak updates.

Have a great Sunday!


Oh! And PS....I think John McCain and his cohorts are out of touch...they are whining about the amount of money that the Obama campaign is raising. I can proudly say that I am a supporter and have donated via online, as I'm sure MILLIONS of other Americans have done. McCain is clearly counting out the millions of voters that didn't really get involved in this stuff before, much like myself, who are now so ready for change that they ARE involved, and donating, by the millions of $$$. Wake UP! There are millions of young people enthralled in this election and donating $$$. I just get so sick of them assuming that something MUST be fishy because he's ahead in the polls and people are throwing money at him to make sure he's the next leader of this great country.


*Peace! :o)

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Karoline said...

The quilt looks gorgeous, congratulations