Saturday, October 25, 2008 far

Well Happy Saturday! :o) And what a glorious day it is! I've been a busy bee so far today....a little cleaning....errand running....and had to tackle this:

I've been stacking some of my fav' fabs with plans to make a fabulouso log cabin quilt...a LARGE log cabin quilt.....all scrappy! Soooooo...I've been cutting 1 1/2" strips....and now I have this:

I think I may add more strips to the bins over the next few weeks/months...for more scrappiness! Perhaps this will be my New Year's Day project...I tend to start a new quilt on New Year's day. This can be that project! With no rush to finish. I'm trying to decide whether to cut and sew as I go...or cut individual logs and then sew. I'm pretty sure somewhere I have the Marti Mitchell log cabin ruler...but I can't find it! Waaaaaah! I think for as many blocks as I'm going to make, I may stray from the usual and cut the individual logs for this one. So I need to find that ruler! Ideally I will have the logs all cut and be ready to start sewing January 1, 2009! :o)

Now I'm off to bake some Cranberry Orange Scones and put a pot of coffee on. That may ward off this "I really wanna take a Saturday afternoon nap" notion I have.



Kathie said...

I love log cabin quitls! Love the idea of starting a quilt on New Years Day....hey and to have all these strips ready to go you will be all set to just sew, sew, sew
Looking forward to seeing what you chose to make this year and of course, your progress!

Karoline said...

Looking forward to seeing the quilt. Those scones sound yummy :)