Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ooooh Aaaaah! Color!!!

Don't you LOVE these!? Oh my...I placed my first order for my side-biz of an online creative venture! First purchase was some absolutely yummy Genziana wool threads!! These are the threads that Sue Spargo hand-picked the colors for! She loves them! I had to get some for my wool project and for Ebay! I love the saturated colors and can't wait to add more! If you're in the market, check out ebay and get a deal! I'm going to be offering other creative items at below-retail costs for all of you! YAY! This'll be fun!! I've also listed some of the big spools of Aurifil for quilt piecing!!! So exciting! kwiltykim on ebay is me! :o)

In other's been a hectic week at the office....all the more reason to ramp-up this online biz thing!! :o/ I haven't made it down to the sewing room, so haven't made any progress on the quilt. But there's always tonight.

I had hoped to get to Des Moines on Saturday for the last day of the AQS quilt show...but not sure if that's gonna happen or not now. :o( If it doesn't....I'll be bummed but I have already SWORE to myself that I will go to Chicago in April for the International Quilt Festival...still...I need some fab inspiration NOW!!! So we'll see!

Okay--gotta jet....time to get ready for another day in the wonderful insurance biz!


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