Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getcha POPcorn Ready!

No...T.O.'s not playing's time for some comedic relief.....aaaaah.......get in your coziest jammies, and get ready for the Veep debate tonight. Certain to be pathetically entertaining!

*After Debate Follow Up*

Nuclear. Pronounced 'new-KLEE-urr''s NOT 'NEW-cue-ler'. Geesh...get it RIGHT. Your dad's a school teacher for God's sake!

When you're asked a question..ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION. UGH! She didn't answer anything that strayed from her little cheat sheet in front of her.

I'm an educated, smart, intelligent woman. Your "oh dontcha know" Northern Exposure rhetoric and 'folksiness' isn't going to cut it for me.

One on one interviews with the media, where in you flub answers or refuse to answer at ALL is not a "FILTER". So don't give me that crap that you love the debate format because there's no "FILTER". What you REALLY mean is that there's nobody to call you out on your mistakes and your non-answers.

Still not impressed with this woman. Matt Damon had it right when he said it's like some horrible Disney movie....about the hockey mom trying to get to the White House. What an embarrasment! my opinion, of course! And's my blog so I can state my opinion. :o)


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