Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feelin' Kinda SUNday (Sunday)

Yeppers...I'm feelin' kinda Sunday alright! WooooooooooHOOO and WHEW! The Cowboys just pulled one out! YEAH! I love it when the 'boys win! An exciting game! My heart was pounding...I was on the edge of my seat...and the hubs looks over at me and questions whether I have a wager on the game. Huh? Did I look like someone that was going to be out a wad of cash if they lost? OR...perhaps I looked like a true fan that just REALLY wanted them to finally WIN again? Yeah...that's it. I would never waste fabric, yarn and/or wool funds in that manner! ;o)

Before the game....I enjoyed some of yesterday's baking....Cranberry Orange Scones...

So tasty with a cup of coffee! And super easy. They have craisins and vanilla chips in them...oh goodness!

Then I ventured downstairs. Last night I played around with some fabric...found an ancient Country Threads pattern...figured I could whip up a cute primitive Christmas quilt's what I pulled from the stash...

So after the scones and coffee....I trekked downstairs....cut out the angel blocks...they pieced together super quick too!
But for some a good night's's just not doing it for me. The stick angels are not singing to me after all. So I cast that aside...I'm sure ne'er to finish...I think I'd rather do some of Linda Brannock's applique angels instead of these. They're just not me.

During the game...I've been stitching on the Carriage House Samplings piece...

I am absolutely LOVING these colors popping off of the black linen! I will be stitching a small vignette of pieces on black I do believe!

So that's been my Sunday so far. I'm hoping the Steelers will beat the Giants...and I'm off to cheer them on with needle in hand. I wonder how much I can get done on the CHS piece today!? Let's go see!!!


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Jeanne said...

i think I have to agree with you on the stick angels and would probably prefer the applique ones. These remind me a bit of totem poles. :) Maybe with some faces or something they'd be more Christmas-y, but if they don't make you happy no sense wasting time & fabric on them.