Saturday, October 18, 2008

Block Party Saturday!

Yes indeed.....I have all the blocks done for the next quilt! WOoooooHoooo!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a quilt top to show. :o) I love it when a plan comes together! I saw the "Red Cross Quilt" on the website of one of my fav' online shops ....Country Sampler, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I decided to use it as inspiration and make my own...Lord knows I had extremely similar fabrics in the stash. The blocks were super super super easy to make. Ridiculously easy! I hope it has the same look as the inspiration!

In other news...five days and counting......

I cleaned off the kitchen table..switched out quilts and have been patroling the kitchen regularly since Tuesday's cleaning session....and we're on day FIVE of a still-clean kitchen table! We've actually had MEALS at the table! I wonder how long it will last? How long until the hubs infiltrates the kitchen with his work stuff. I have vowed to not clutter it up with my thrift store/treasure hunt finds far so good. :o)


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