Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Mail Day!

The latest issue of Home Companion...AND the Carriage House Samplings 'Frederick' chart I scored on ebay recently...both arrived in today's mail! YAY! I'm going to tuck the Home Companion away...for a's the Christmas issue and I just can't do that yet. LOL

I did locate my Marti Mitchell Log Cabin Ruler...I had one of those "A HA!" moments and instinctively went RIGHT to where I put it. when I get bored, or in between laundry loads, I'll begin cutting logs perhaps. Or maybe I'll save that for when I actually start sewing....cut the logs, sew the logs....there's a concept!

And now I am on a quest for a really cool pattern to use a great focus fabric I have in the stash. When I get close to a decision on a pattern, I'll share both the fabric and the pattern choices! You can help me pick! :o)

Hope your Monday was bearable!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feelin' Kinda SUNday (Sunday)

Yeppers...I'm feelin' kinda Sunday alright! WooooooooooHOOO and WHEW! The Cowboys just pulled one out! YEAH! I love it when the 'boys win! An exciting game! My heart was pounding...I was on the edge of my seat...and the hubs looks over at me and questions whether I have a wager on the game. Huh? Did I look like someone that was going to be out a wad of cash if they lost? OR...perhaps I looked like a true fan that just REALLY wanted them to finally WIN again? Yeah...that's it. I would never waste fabric, yarn and/or wool funds in that manner! ;o)

Before the game....I enjoyed some of yesterday's baking....Cranberry Orange Scones...

So tasty with a cup of coffee! And super easy. They have craisins and vanilla chips in them...oh goodness!

Then I ventured downstairs. Last night I played around with some fabric...found an ancient Country Threads pattern...figured I could whip up a cute primitive Christmas quilt's what I pulled from the stash...

So after the scones and coffee....I trekked downstairs....cut out the angel blocks...they pieced together super quick too!
But for some a good night's's just not doing it for me. The stick angels are not singing to me after all. So I cast that aside...I'm sure ne'er to finish...I think I'd rather do some of Linda Brannock's applique angels instead of these. They're just not me.

During the game...I've been stitching on the Carriage House Samplings piece...

I am absolutely LOVING these colors popping off of the black linen! I will be stitching a small vignette of pieces on black I do believe!

So that's been my Sunday so far. I'm hoping the Steelers will beat the Giants...and I'm off to cheer them on with needle in hand. I wonder how much I can get done on the CHS piece today!? Let's go see!!!


Saturday, October 25, 2008 far

Well Happy Saturday! :o) And what a glorious day it is! I've been a busy bee so far today....a little cleaning....errand running....and had to tackle this:

I've been stacking some of my fav' fabs with plans to make a fabulouso log cabin quilt...a LARGE log cabin quilt.....all scrappy! Soooooo...I've been cutting 1 1/2" strips....and now I have this:

I think I may add more strips to the bins over the next few weeks/months...for more scrappiness! Perhaps this will be my New Year's Day project...I tend to start a new quilt on New Year's day. This can be that project! With no rush to finish. I'm trying to decide whether to cut and sew as I go...or cut individual logs and then sew. I'm pretty sure somewhere I have the Marti Mitchell log cabin ruler...but I can't find it! Waaaaaah! I think for as many blocks as I'm going to make, I may stray from the usual and cut the individual logs for this one. So I need to find that ruler! Ideally I will have the logs all cut and be ready to start sewing January 1, 2009! :o)

Now I'm off to bake some Cranberry Orange Scones and put a pot of coffee on. That may ward off this "I really wanna take a Saturday afternoon nap" notion I have.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Early This Year..

but it seems it may be time to dust off some memories in order to keep sane!

The weather has been cold and rainy all week. And yesterday when I got home from work...*GASP!....the other inhabitants of the house had turned on the HEAT! OMG! It's too early! But temps hovered in the mid 30s all day. None of the white stuff.......yet. That was just about an hour north of us.

And so we begin to plot which sandy destination we'll end up this February! :o) Can't wait until we decide...but until then...I'll have to live vicariously thru beach photos!

Have a great Thursday! I'll be dreaming of palm trees, sand, a hammock, and an adult beverage in hand! YIKES! That means I need to start working out again! UGH! Oh well...a sacrifice I'll make! :o)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


For lack of an interesting post for the day, we'll post this little diddy! Feel free to copy/paste it on your own blog and play along! :o)

Happy Hump Day! I'm off to pop a couple X-Strength Tylenol and some caffeine and try and shake this lovely headache I've had going since about 8:12AM.


You can only say yes or no. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages you and asks!

Over 18? Yes
Danced in front of your mirror naked? Yes
Ever told a lie? Yes
Been arrested? No
Kissed a picture? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held an actual snake? No
Have YOU Ever run a red light? Yes
Ever drink and drive? Yes
Been suspended from school? No
Ever been fired from a job? No
Totaled a car/motorbike in an accident? Yes
Sang karaoke? No
Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
Ever laughed until you wet yourself? Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes
Kissed in the rain? No
Sang in the shower? Yes
Sat on a rooftop? No
Thought about your past with regret? Yes
Been pushed in the pool with your clothes on? No
Shaved your head? No
Blacked out from drinking? No
Had a gym membership? Yes
Been in a band? No
Shot a gun? Yes
Liked someone with nobody else knowing about it? Yes
Played strip poker? No
Been to a strip joint? No
Donated Blood? No
Liked someone you shouldn’t? Yes
Have a tattoo? Yes
Have or had any piercings besides ears? No
Made out with a complete stranger? No
Caught someone cheating on you? No
Skinny dipped? No
Regret any of your ex’s? Yes
Been to a rodeo? No
Been to a NASCAR race? No
Been in Love? Yes


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Celebrations!!

No..the Cowboys haven't won..YET! It's only noon! :o) BUT.....LOOK!

The quilt top's done! Finite! Even the border! All before noon AND I slept in until after 8 this morning. I really love the way it turned out AND....the entire top came from my stash! No fabric was purchased specifically for the making of this quilt! Of course there's still no sign of a dent in the wall of fabric....but what a great feeling that I had everything I needed to make this! I love that olive green...the reds...I just love it!

The other reason I'm personally celebrating is that a distinguished and educated Republican has come out in complete support of the RIGHT man to lead this country! I'm sure you've heard...Colin Powell has endorsed Barack Obama. He said it so eloquently..all the reasons why...and they're GOOD reasons...they're SANE reasons.....I'm so glad someone in the Republican party had the courage to say what I've been saying and thinking. Hey..people...c' know he's the one to change the country for the better. I'm so excited and cannot wait for November 4! I get goosebumps! The Choice 2008 on PBS was showing Senator Obama's speech at the 2004 Democratic convention...and how the crowd reacted was electrifying. This man is Hope with a capital "H".

But I won't go completely political on you today! I'm going to pick up a needle and stitch now and watch some Football! Unfortunately I'm in the land of the ViQUEENS, and so no Cowboys on the TV today.....I'll have to settle for gamebreak updates.

Have a great Sunday!


Oh! And PS....I think John McCain and his cohorts are out of touch...they are whining about the amount of money that the Obama campaign is raising. I can proudly say that I am a supporter and have donated via online, as I'm sure MILLIONS of other Americans have done. McCain is clearly counting out the millions of voters that didn't really get involved in this stuff before, much like myself, who are now so ready for change that they ARE involved, and donating, by the millions of $$$. Wake UP! There are millions of young people enthralled in this election and donating $$$. I just get so sick of them assuming that something MUST be fishy because he's ahead in the polls and people are throwing money at him to make sure he's the next leader of this great country.


*Peace! :o)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Block Party Saturday!

Yes indeed.....I have all the blocks done for the next quilt! WOoooooHoooo!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a quilt top to show. :o) I love it when a plan comes together! I saw the "Red Cross Quilt" on the website of one of my fav' online shops ....Country Sampler, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I decided to use it as inspiration and make my own...Lord knows I had extremely similar fabrics in the stash. The blocks were super super super easy to make. Ridiculously easy! I hope it has the same look as the inspiration!

In other news...five days and counting......

I cleaned off the kitchen table..switched out quilts and have been patroling the kitchen regularly since Tuesday's cleaning session....and we're on day FIVE of a still-clean kitchen table! We've actually had MEALS at the table! I wonder how long it will last? How long until the hubs infiltrates the kitchen with his work stuff. I have vowed to not clutter it up with my thrift store/treasure hunt finds far so good. :o)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day Two

UGH! Home again today with this head issue. I got a nice nap in hopefully that will help. Yesterday, in typical sick-woman-with-shit-to-do fashion, I ended up doing some extreme kitchen cleaning...which probably didn't help my cause..but it was one of those one-thing-leads-to-another-to-another-to-another and before I knew it the kitchen was sparkling. And I paid the price. So today no cleaning....a nice nap.

Tonight's the last debate....I'll watch for the sake of the entertainment. This economy really sucks doesn't it? Geez....but I realized today that from a creative standpoint, I'm fine for quite a while! Several rug hooking canvases and wool, a ridiculous fabric stash for multiple quilts, plenty of sock yarn and Addi Turbo size 2 for magic loop socks someday, and lots of big-ass sampler projects for my stitching pleasure. I have more than enough to outlast any sort of economic depression that might otherwise rob me of doing fun, creative things! For that I am grateful. So glad I was 'looking ahead' and stockpiled! ;o)

I hope you all have plenty of stash to keep you occupied until we can fix this mess the country is in!

I may work on the stitching tonight during the debate. Here's my progress on the black linen

I'm loving the colors against that black!

Until next time.......


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


with a horrid sinus infection. :o( I'm going to lay low today....calling in to the I can drop down for a nap whenever the pain hits. Yesterday was awful, so I think I need a day to rest and irrigate the ol' sinus passages. Ever heard of a neti pot? If you have sinus's your friend! and Neti will be home today....irrigating and napping. Any other solutions for sinus pain? I'd love to hear how you cope!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Note To Self...

Next time just make two at one time. To say the Sour Cream Apple Pie was a hit would be an understatement. The boys just ran to the store for more Granny Smiths so I can make another before the Hubs and Sam get back from hunting. The pie was completely obliterated before 2:00PM today. Gone. I love when that happens! :o)

Not only is the pie 'done'....but so is the quilt top!! YAY!

Ignore the mess in the pics.....the Jakester was downstairs playing Xbox so there's wires and feet and socks and who knows what else on the sewing room floor. I love the way the quilt turned out!! Very utilitarian! Just the look I love!

Next up...make that second pie and then I do believe I will start stitching on Carriage House Samplings 1803 Pennsylvania Sampler House. I love Kathy's designs, and this will be my first attempt at stitching on black.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oh Happy Day!! Saturday!

What a fantastic Saturday! Wow! The weather was autumnal...leaves falling...a slight mist off and on all day...the crispness in the air...Aaaaaah....wonderful!

I spent the morning with multiple cups of java, blog reading and watching the quilting shows on PBS. Hit the shower about 11ish...then ran some errands.

Back all domestic! I have been bitching all week that I don't have any leftover containers anywhere any more...where could they be? the frig that's packed with old leftovers. So...I won't take you there, but there was some fuzzy creatures taking up residence in the I evicted them and now I have a wealth of leftover containers! :o)

After that, I readied myself....when I read 'Posie Gets Cozy's blog this morning, she had a delish post about this...

Sour Cream Apple Pie! I had to make one...never had ......and let me tell you...once it cooled....

You've got to try it for yourself! YUMMMM-mee

Did some puttering around the's another cool find I scored at Goodwill last week! It's a HUGE and heavy silverplate 3 tier server! I'm using it in the sewing studio for now...

Pincushions will rest upon it until such time as the holidays come and I need a multi-tier treat tray! 5 bucks....I thought was fair. Very lovely! While downstairs...I worked on the blocks....tried to start to lay them out...

but Ellie had other plans and so I gave up. I'll hopefully finish the top up tomorrow...while she's sleeping instead of tearing thru the blocks.

Now I'm upstairs...with this...

*GASP! DMC! and BLACK LINEN! and a chart!'s true.....stitching I shall be here in a few minutes. At least until I can't keep my eyes open. Perhaps 9:45PM, some sinus issues, black linen and burning eyes don't go together? We'll see!

Today was opening day of Pheasant the hubs and Sam were gone for the day....huntinin...brought back one bird. They'll go again I'm confident I'll get a lot accomplished on the quilt top! I'll post progress as it is made!

Hope your day was fruitful and fun!


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ooooh Aaaaah! Color!!!

Don't you LOVE these!? Oh my...I placed my first order for my side-biz of an online creative venture! First purchase was some absolutely yummy Genziana wool threads!! These are the threads that Sue Spargo hand-picked the colors for! She loves them! I had to get some for my wool project and for Ebay! I love the saturated colors and can't wait to add more! If you're in the market, check out ebay and get a deal! I'm going to be offering other creative items at below-retail costs for all of you! YAY! This'll be fun!! I've also listed some of the big spools of Aurifil for quilt piecing!!! So exciting! kwiltykim on ebay is me! :o)

In other's been a hectic week at the office....all the more reason to ramp-up this online biz thing!! :o/ I haven't made it down to the sewing room, so haven't made any progress on the quilt. But there's always tonight.

I had hoped to get to Des Moines on Saturday for the last day of the AQS quilt show...but not sure if that's gonna happen or not now. :o( If it doesn't....I'll be bummed but I have already SWORE to myself that I will go to Chicago in April for the International Quilt Festival...still...I need some fab inspiration NOW!!! So we'll see!

Okay--gotta jet....time to get ready for another day in the wonderful insurance biz!


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Framed Nine Patches Finite

Well...I got the blocks all time for the lovely poison green sashing! And also trying to decide whether to do a straight set or on-point. Of course on-point takes a little more time and effort....but I do like the look. We shall see! That's going to be my thru-the-week project.

In my perfect world, I would have all day every week to work on creative stuff, while assisting the hubs in his business from time to time. BuT...since I'm still a big chicken-shit to make a huge change like that and leave behind the payroll, I still have to report back to the insurance world tomorrow morning. *SIGH* :o/

"I will remain the same until the PAIN of remaining the same is GREATER than the pain of CHANGE."


Saturday, October 04, 2008

As Fiona Would Say....

"What kind of knight ARE you?"

er...uh...wait a sec....wrong Fiona.

"I've been a bad, bad girl" ~Fiona Apple

Yeah...THAT's the right Fiona...I have been a bad, bad girl. I have added to the quilting stash. But c'mon...who could resist the packaging???

Lovely Moda lunch box style tins!! With quilts on them! And they stack so nicely!!! Oh but inside....oh glory glory!


This is to die for! I LOVE the washed out vintage look! This is from Moda's Collections For A Cause...where Howard Marcus Dunn reproduces antique quilts in his collection. Proceeds benefit Gilda's Club...for those touched by cancer. A very worthwhile cause, indeed, and I cannot WAIT to see what Mr. Dunn, President of Moda Fabrics, brings us next!

And this was a deal...or maybe I should say a steal for under $50!!! Yeppers...the Bay of Evil sucked me in again and I SCORED!

I have always wanted to do a Lone Star quilt...and this one will just be fabulous in gorgeous Moda fabrics!! I'm going to switch things up a bit and NOT do the flower basket appliques in each corner...but I can't wait to get at this one too!

And order to start either one of those beauties, I must get busy on the other quilts waiting on the cutting table!! So today I cut out the second start on my utility quilt.

I like the way these are turning out MUCH better than the frilly stuff I was using before. Much more to my liking!

I almost have all the blocks done! So hopefully tomorrow I will finish that up! Then I have another quilt pulled and on the cutting table....more on that one to come......


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getcha POPcorn Ready!

No...T.O.'s not playing's time for some comedic relief.....aaaaah.......get in your coziest jammies, and get ready for the Veep debate tonight. Certain to be pathetically entertaining!

*After Debate Follow Up*

Nuclear. Pronounced 'new-KLEE-urr''s NOT 'NEW-cue-ler'. Geesh...get it RIGHT. Your dad's a school teacher for God's sake!

When you're asked a question..ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION. UGH! She didn't answer anything that strayed from her little cheat sheet in front of her.

I'm an educated, smart, intelligent woman. Your "oh dontcha know" Northern Exposure rhetoric and 'folksiness' isn't going to cut it for me.

One on one interviews with the media, where in you flub answers or refuse to answer at ALL is not a "FILTER". So don't give me that crap that you love the debate format because there's no "FILTER". What you REALLY mean is that there's nobody to call you out on your mistakes and your non-answers.

Still not impressed with this woman. Matt Damon had it right when he said it's like some horrible Disney movie....about the hockey mom trying to get to the White House. What an embarrasment! my opinion, of course! And's my blog so I can state my opinion. :o)