Sunday, September 14, 2008

Some Sunday Sights

Isn't that the most beautiful color combo! And YUMMY! Oh my! I picked up a lovely bunch of Colorado peaches....ripe and ready, and some delish blueberries. Oh joy! Oh joy! They make the mouth sing! That was snack fare last night...and then this morning, I made some french toast and topped it with another batch of the peaches & blueberries. It does a body good!! And I just love the color combination. Makes me want to start a new quilt!!

And speaking of quilts....I worked this afternoon to cut out the wool appliques for the Christmas Rose quilt from the Primitive Christmas. If you've read my blog for any period of time, you will remember that I cook and quilt about the same...I cannot follow a recipe/pattern exactly as it's written...seem to have to change things up a bit. And so this one was no exception. First off, I didn't want it to scream "CHRISTMAS!!!" went with some different fabrics. Secondly, the pattern called for 4 blocks....and it would be a 30" square quilt...with the background fabrics also brought out in to the borders. Nope..couldn't do it. I made 3 blocks...

Now this can be a tablerunner, or a vertical quilt, or a horizontal quilt..just perfect for a little niche area! And I had to use the Brannock & Patek fabric in the's one of my favoritest prints and I just thought it worked really well with the warm tones of the homespuns and those yummy hand-dyed wools! Thanks again, Tammy aka !! Lovin' those wools and how cool that I had them all on my shelf at the ready! Having stash is good!

Now I wait. For some scrumptious Valdani pearl cotton threads I ordered for this one. I think they'll set it off perfectly! I have the wool marked and ready for the embellishing! This is fused down..... 'cept I don't fuse enough to do it properly, so they're not completely fused, which is apparent by the tips that are loose on the background fabrics!

That's okay....the blanket stitching and veining, etc will hold it all down. And I think I may handquilt this one. Perhaps with the big primitive stitch and those Valdanis! Yeah!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! I'm off to either 1) try and teach myself the socks... B) start some more knitted dishrags... or 3) work on a lovely Elizabeth Bradley needlepoint kit I started. It's a giant Trout! Lovely!


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Karoline said...

The quilt is gorgeous Kim