Monday, September 01, 2008

Junkin' and Border Patrol

Saturday was a FABULOUS day junkin'! We scored at a couple of Goodwill stores and one of our other favorite haunts, Well La De Da. I've decided to start a new collection! Oh joy! Oh Joy! I'm certain that's what the hubster was saying under his breath! ;o)

Silver and Silverplate! YAY!

TARNISHED silver and silverplate at that! ;o) It actually kind of started with the two sugar scoops/scuttles/shuttles in the pic...I was surprised to come across TWO of them..WITH their little scoops! It was a sign! I would begin to collect silver sugar scuttles! ha! It just ballooned from there!

Then there were the this HUGE vintage picnic basket...marked inside made in Peru...

Three bucks...gotta love it! It will be put to good storage use in the sewing studio!

Picked up a couple really nice glass jars w/lids....

also sure to be put to good use! and for 50 cents and a buck..well....yeah.

Also scored, but not pictured....two beautifully glazed handthrown pottery bowls...a cool pottery leaf dish...a pottery wine chiller...a handmade pottery vase..(yep...I have this thing for "rescuing" handmade, signed pottery). My pottery rescue duty was done for certain on Saturday!

Today--was border patrol day. I got the borders on the nephew's quilt...

AND also on the baby quilt for my bonus sister's little darling! Twyla..if you're reading this....they'll be on their way out to you for quilting!

As usual....the weekend is never long enough..even when it's extended. But it was productive and somewhat relaxing so that's all that matters!


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