Friday, September 19, 2008


After much perusing of quilt books and magazines, I have FINALLY decided what I'm going to do with these!

Stay tuned! I can't give away all the secrets right now! Gotta get you to come back ya know! ;o)

Hope your week was fine! I'm extremely glad it's Friday! I'm so sick of three-letter-acronyms!

AIG! UGH! I'm in the insurance business....and this week was filled to the guts with meeting after meeting after meeting about AIG. I found myself sitting in these meetings thinking of yarn and fabric and wondering why in the world I spend so many hours of every day dealing with this stuff! UGH!

Then there was that OTHER three-letter-acronym... DPN. Double pointed needles were NOT my friend when I tried to teach myself sock knitting. Perhaps I'm more of a Magic Loop kinda gal. Has anyone taught themself to knit socks with the Magic Loop method? Any pointers?

Okay--stay tuned for quilt progress! I'm heading down to the studio to figure out what background or backgroundS I will be using with those yummy blues and poison green!!!


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