Saturday, August 23, 2008


Tomatoes were calling out from the garden I made this

The fam loves it when I make salsa....even when it's SUPER DEE DUPER HOT HOT HOT! And this batch is DEFINITELY hot!

Hmmmm.......suppose it has anything to do with these?

I used one of each....jalapeno..serrano..and scotch bonnet. Woo doggies! Bring on the Boulevard and chips! It's yummy! I never bother with canning or preserving always gets eaten up promptly...even when it's hot!

I've been down in the studio working on the nephew's quilt off and on today...and also hit a fabulous primitives and shabby chic tag sale...played my cards right and got there after they marked everything 1/2 off! I got 3 nice items...I'll share more later on those. I'll have to take some pics.

Hope your weekend's been relaxing!!!


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Karol said...

I have awarded you the I love your blog award!