Friday, August 08, 2008

A Vaca Melee!

Aaaah....I'm not at the office today......vaca day! 3 Day Weekend! WOOHOO!!! WHAT will the long weekend bring?

So far this morning, I've used my new cutting table to cut out a funky quilt for my cool nephew, Jay! He's the same age as the Jakester...and thinks I'm this cool hippie aunt (I do not KNOW what gave him that idea, but we'll just go with it). He's in a band...a guitar freakster...and just a cool kid! And he wanted me to make him a quilt. Soooo...I've got a block done...

Kinda I'm using medium black/white prints for the background...and that dunky blue/green/black batik for the inside "frame". The pattern calls for the blocks to all run together...but I think that MAY be a little much with all of the black & whites...soooo....I'm altering it a bit (as I seem to tend to do frequently)...I'm going to put a 2" sashing of that black print between each block. And I think a little cornerstone of the batik! I hope it turns out as good as I'm envisioning it...and I hope Jay likes it!

**EDIT** I look at the pic...I'm wondering if I should maybe think of doing the BATIK as the sashing....of course I'd have to run to the quilt shop and hope they have enough of it left on the bolt...I don't know. What do you think? I kinda think that black "calms" down the block busy-ness.....and perhaps with the batik as the'll still have a nice presence in the quilt. I'm not sure that the batik as the sashing will calm anything down...decisions decisions! Any opinion?

In other news...tonight the Olympics begin....maybe I'll watch while I'm in the quilt studio sewing quilt blocks!

I'm excited to see what the day brings today....hope you're having a GREAT Friday!


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