Friday, August 29, 2008

I DO Love the JUNKIN!

Yes I do....and here I am...Friday night...on the eve of another fabulous and sure-to-be-fun Junkin' day with my bud, Kimm! Oh I hope I can sleep tonight! We always have so much fun searching for treasures....and we always seem to find a few!

I thought I better share my treasures from last Friday with you...since I'm sure to have more to share after tomorrow!

I didn't take pics of this, but I picked up a great HUGE vintage green hard sided suitcase...score! as the inside is in IMPECCABLE condition....and it's HUGE! $12 was the price tag on that! When I figure out how I'm going to use it...I'll post a pic!

I also picked up this cracked and wired 3 gallon Red Wing crock...

It's seen better days...but the color on the front was still great...and it's serving a great purpose under my cutting table catching scraps! And for $8...well...had to get it!

Lastly...I rescued a quilt....a very very lovely shabby cottage looking floral embroidered, hand-quilted quilt! THIRTEEN DOLLARS! Seriously....$13. Sad. ALL the hand work in this thing! Granted, it is NOT my's pastel and soft and disrepair in spots....but look...

So that's why I had to save it from the "1/2 off" table. I gladly paid the $13. I thought of folding it up and adding it to my stack...but then thought this unknown quilters beautiful handwork should be admired....and displayed. It does not fit in decor, so I've just listed it on Ebay this evening, hoping that it will go to a lovely home where someone will completely admire the work that went in to this! Those flower embroideries are BEAUTIFUL! If you're interested, my seller name on Ebay is kwiltykim and you'll find the listing. I hope she goes to a loving home!

I can't WAIT to see what I find tomorrow! I do love the junkin!


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Karol said...

looks like you had a lot of great finds. Hope today yields the same!