Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gotta love a SALE!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!!! Did I score yesterday or WHAT!? Yep..scored! pal Twyla out at Quilted Memories ( was having an anniversary SALE yesterday! Yep...a sale! 25% of COURSE I was there. First had to go get smooshed and smashed for the wonderful annual rack exam......but then...all bets were off and I was headed out to Brandon!

After a couple hours....this is what I came home with!! First let me say Miss Twyla carries yummy civil war repros that I LOVE!!! Sooooooooo...without further the new additions to the stash

Indigos, Repros & Shirtings...OH MY! LOVE! :o)

LOVIN this poison green with the indigos....

Yessirreeee...these will live forever in perfect harmony in a yet-to-be-determined quilt! I love this combo!

I would have been okay had I not decided to empty the bolt on several of my favorite pieces...but I couldn't just say '1/2 yard please'. :o)

I also picked up a little book and a pattern for a quilt for my nephew....

The lone pattern, Boxed Blessings, is very cool! I can't wait to dig in to that one. I met the young and talented Ingrid Barlow Saturday as well...she is the creator of the pattern! Check out her great patterns on her website( I love her 'modern traditionalist' tagline!

Yep it was a fine Saturday! We smoked a brisket and had that for dinner last night. Yum!

Today has been relaxing....I just pulled brownies out of the oven....cleaned up the kitchen...and getting ready to pick up a needle. I've been working a bit on the Ann Rayner 1839 sampler, and think I'll put some more time in with her today!

Hope your weekend's been relaxing!!


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