Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blades will be ROLLIN'!

Ta Da! Here's my birthday prez....I love it! Though from the looks of that BLURRY ASS picture, I need to move "new camera" to the top of my wish list and soon!! But I am super excited about having a proper cutting table now!!! I have been, for YEARS, using the back of my sewing machine cabinet to cut out my quilts......can you say UPPER BACK PAIN!? Yeah....needless to say I wasn't getting a ton of cutting done....it was literally a pain to do! But NOW! WOW!!!!

Thanks, Honey! :o)


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Jeanne said...

Your birthday gifts sound fabulous Kim and LOVE your new cutting table! I just 2 months ago finally got one made for myself after years of using a small office table I got on sale for $40. I know exactly what you mean about back pain when it isn't the right height. I couldn't find what I wanted and ended up having a closet company make me a cabinet with formica top. (bonus money from work wisely spent!) Congrats and belated Happy Birthday!