Monday, August 04, 2008

43 Ain't So Bad!!!

Well it's Happy Birthday to me today....but Blogger's not cooperating with pic loading tonight, so I can't show you what I got...but it's good!!! :o) The hubster came through with a FABULOUS HUGE industrial cutting table that I LOVE and it's taken up residence in the quilting studio!!!! Pics whenever Blogger will allow.....but trust's awesome! We found this cool big-ass workbench at the home improvement store...and the handy-dandy-hub retrofit a fabulous top to make it wider for me! Can you say 72" x 32" of PURE CUTTING HEAVEN! It's fabulous! I'm so excited to spend long durations of time down there cutting out quilts!

It was a great day.....middle child delivered roses and a balloon to me at work...completely suprising me. The hub and Jakester showered me with cards and kisses and coffee refills and carrot cake......and it was a fine day! 43 ain't so bad. I own every one of these years! Yeah baby!!!



Katrina said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is perfect. Your gift sounds wonderful.

TamboinMO said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
Looks like it was great!

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday! 43 isn't bad. I've been learning to embrace my 40s after crying that first year or two. LOL I think the 40s are better than the 30s. There's something liberating about this time in a woman's life. Your cutting table rocks.