Friday, July 11, 2008

Where Has the Week Gone?

Oh my gosh it's just flown by! I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July! Ours was fine....the men in the household become pyromaniacs this time of the year and expect me to be the ever faithful audience, and so it was.

Otherwise it was supposed to be...SUPPOSED TO BE a long weekend of nursing a bum heel (otherwise known as plantar fasciitis), per doc's orders. And so it began like this....

Oh I had big plans....big plans of staying off my feet and getting tons of creative handwork done. Ah alas...the universe had other plans. Not good. Let's just say my weekend ended with an altercation between me and the wire bunny guard fence around the garden, and I didn't fare well! I can laugh about it now....5 days later...after drug induced sleep and other miscellaneous pain relief efforts. I got tangled up in the damn fence and fell..HARD...on the HARD DIRT..IN the garden....ON my HIP. OMG it was not good! I missed 2 days of work and lots of time I could have spent doing something creative! UGH! I could hear Dad...up in the heavens..."Way to go, Grace!"....LOL I'm kind of a klutz....and dad used to always say that to me, as I tripped over air. LOL But anyhoo...after many days doing my best impression of Tim Conways "slow old man" character...shuffling between my bum hip on the left and my bum heel on the right.....the week, and any sort of walking, was long. But I'm on the mend. YAY!

In quilting news.....I got the pieces to Vic's Red Thistle quilt cut excited at the thought of starting this last weekend...but then...this........

BLAH! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! TOOOOOO BORING! Yuck! Had to get a new background fabric going. Couldn't find anything that was singing out of my today after work, I ran out to Quilted Memories, in Brandon...chatted for a couple hours with my buddy, Twyla...and came home with a lovely new background from the Civil War Dressing Gowns collection......

I love this so much better!!!!! So tomorrow, I do plan to get these giagantuan blocks all ready for the handwork!!!

Oh! OH! Look what came in the mail today too!!!!! Oh my goodness I feel like I hit the Primitive Jackpot when I ran across this fabulous artist online! Look!!!!

I LOVE these gals! So primitive in an artsy way!!! The artist makes each one without any sort of a pattern....they just magically appear under her needle and thread! Amazing!!! I have to think up some names for these gals! Any idea? Now let me tell you this..............the guys here in the house.....they ALL are completely FREAKED OUT by these little gals! They say they are SCARY! That these are ODD and VERY VERY FRIGHTENING and they SWEAR that weird things are going to start happening around our house. Jake keeps turning them to face the wall! WHA? Are you kidding me? LOL Just LOOK at these FABULOUSLY handcrafted FACES!!!

Twyla and I have decided they must be sisters. And so I need some names...and let's NOT go with the hub's suggestion of "Doomy and Gloomy". LOL Seriously....they're cool! Don't you think? What do these men know...nothing! :o)



Katrina said...

Not fun. Glad you are on the mend and you didn't break anything.

Love the new background, much, much better.

They remind me a teeny bit of the house elves on the Harry Potter movie, LOL. Hilarious that the guys are afraid of them. You could have lots of fun with that. I am not sure on names, are there any famous sisters you admire? The look like sisters to me. What about Charlotte and Emily maybe (Bronte) or Elizabeth and Jane (Bennet)

laurie in iowa said...

Your new choice of a background fabric is so much better... what a difference a piece of fabric can make.

Sorry about all the ouchies you're having to deal with... wishing you a quick mend.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLOLOL - Doomy and Gloomy! Oh my gosh, my sides!! How about Audrey (Hepburn) and Greta (Garbo)? Hi, Aud and Gret!