Monday, July 14, 2008

Where are we...Salem? GEEZ!!!

Oh the hub...such a jokester....he and Jake are just freaked OUT (still) by 'the girls'. They just can't imagine them integrated into the funky household decor....though I can. They will be right at home!

Still...the hub thought it would be humorous to put them in a pictoral setting in which HE feels they belong.......

Now--I did not witness this public atrocity.....rather I saw him when he was quickly putting them back in their spot on the chair...and he had this freaked out look on his face..accompanied by a weak smile and his camera in hand. Jake was laughing hysterically....and then the hub fessed up.....and NOW he's even MORE freaked out because he thinks he's probably awakened the REAL evil in the girls.

Good grief...they're sweet primitive girls! I *DID* remind him, albeit in a friendly manner, that karma is a bitch! LOL



Jacque said...

Oh my....LOL....I think I might be inclined to put them into bed with him in the middle of the night and vacate to a different location. Can you imagine his reaction upon waking up next to them?!?!?

Anonymous said...

LOL - I agree with Jacque! Just keep moving them to different spots in the house!


Melissa said...

Kim! Jackson Browne has a new studio album coming out in September! I can't find info on it, I'm hoping it's all new material. Solo Acoustic 2 is out but I want some new stuff. I figure his life has been to satsifying so he hasn't had anything to write about the last ten years or so.