Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tonight's The Night.....

Caiprinia's tonight! YEAH! The hubster had them started for me when I walked in the door this evening!!!

Those that asked me about the's how I make them:

I quarter 3 limes (after I roll them around on the cutting board, of course)..and place in a lovely antique footed pitcher I picked up Goodwill for $3.00. ;o)

Okay--quarter the limes....then put about 1 cup of sugar over the limes. Pull out your heavy ice cream scoop from Pampered Chef (or any other utensil good for mashing stuff, but not a potato masher..doesn't work so well)...take the ice cream scoop and pound and twist and muddle the limes and sugar together. YUM!

Then I take a vintage glass medicine cup and pour 4 oz or a little more..of Bacardi Limon Rum in to the pitcher. Add a tray of ice cubes...stir and YUM!

Try some! They're sweet and refreshing and oh so summery!!!




Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Hi, Kim! Long time no see! I've just caught up with you and Wow, you have been going strong and have some serious thinking that has been blazing in your mind. I think many of us go through that "real job" vs. creativity/artist struggle. I've been doing it for years. I finally channeled mine into interior design, but was still not completely happy. I think in the long run, when we don't have someone who will support us (financially and otherwise) in our quest, we just have to carve out as much time on the side as we can. Unless you can find a way to become disabled and get payment so you can be home all the time!!! LOL

TamboinMO said...

Thanks for posting about this drink. I found a recipe on-line and actually found the cachaca (Brazilian rum). We're drinking them out by the pool today along with fresh salsa and chips and olives and brie. YUM-0!!!