Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you MELISSA (aka Musings from a Three Bedroom Ranch)

Look what's coming SOON!!! A new studio album! From our fav' guy, Jackson! "Time The Conqueror"

Thanks, Melissa for the info!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!!! I'll be stalking the CD aisle come September! And ooooh...doesn't he look super sexy with that facial hair? Ah yes...yes he does.....

Now if my other fav' older man would put out some new music.....

Sing to me Donnie.....ah sing to me! One of my most favorite songs that he sang lead on from the Eagles...I LOVE this song...and his voice.....oooooh his voice! ;o)

Go recycle something now---would you?


1 comment:

Melissa said...

That is one of my favorite Eagles' songs! I also love Jackson's Before the Deluge. I'm beyond excited about Time the Conqueror. Have you had a chance to check out Solo Acoustic Vol. 2? In the intro to Enough of the Night he says, "I can sing you a real tender song filled with despair or a real weary song laced with hope, what's your pleasure?" I love that...he gets it, his music can be sad, heartbreaking, but we love it all.

I do wish Henley would put out some new solo stuff. The new Eagles album isn't bad, but I thought he was much stronger on his own.