Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Mornin' Rain Is Falling...'s not falling right this very SECOND, but it was.....

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! It's a lazy Sunday morning....not sure if it's sinus issues or restless sleep or PMS, or a combination of all three, but I can tell the day is going to be a relaxing least I'm going to TRY and make it a relaxing one!

Yesterday was uneventful....did a little errand-running....a quilt shop here in town was having a 30% off sale...30% off 1930s bolts(no thanks, I'll pass)...30% off Lakehouse fabric bolts (I picked up two little black/white prints for a quilt for my nephew)..and 30% off bolted batiks! And they have a TON! Hoffman batiks at that! My favorite! I picked up just electric blue/black one (again for the nephew's quilt)...and then a bluish one with big bubbles on it..just because (sorry---no pic)..and then this one...

It's those darn earthtones again! But I just really liked this one. Not sure why....but I said "a yard and a half please"...and home it came with me.

As you know, I recently made a trip to San Antonio...for an insurance class.....and my sis-in-law, Mona (Hi Mona!) came down and we had a little girl time. We went north to Gruene and had a lovely day...lunch at the Grist Mill restaurant...wandered thru an art fair that happened to be in town...and hit a cool quilt shop in New Braunfels...The Quilt Haus. She pulled some great fabbies for a couple Christmas quilts (she's smart....thinking ahead)...and I got a couple of the Moda William Morris prints...along with a companion barnish red print...lovely

Now...the intent...after many hours in the shop...was that I would do a double irish chain.....and home the fabrics came with me. Nestled up on a shelf with the stash. After yesterday's acquisitions came home...they also went up on the shelf...beside the San Antonio purchases....and LOOK!

I am rethinking the double irish chain now. Because this batik and that William Morris print have a little somethin'somethin' going on. I don't think it's as evident in this pic...remember...I need a new camera..and this is why! But trust me...there's somethin' brewin' here! I'll keep you posted!

Have a great day!


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