Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do You See What *I* See?

I ripped this page out of a mag as soon as I saw it! Definitely a future project in this pic!!! Can you guess what it is? Yes...the wall color is lovely and I do love it...and the idea of framing those cool papers is a good one...that's not what I spied and have on my project list! It's that PILLOW! in the CHAIR! Does that not look like a ton of wool circles sewed on to the pillow? Why yes...yes it does! I LOVE it! So tactile! sooooooooooo....remember these?

The blue-green ones...aaaaah.....I think they have a purpose now! Or maybe a multi-color one! or both! I see circles in my future!!!

Yesterday was a relaxing some cleaning done...some knitting.....but didn't get down to the sewing room. So today I hope to do that!

The girls (still unnamed, but LOVE your ideas Katrina!)

and I have lounged this weekend....but today I will be venturing down to work on this

Gotta get some blocks basted and ready for handwork! I leave on Tuesday EARLY for San Antonio....3 days at CIC (insurance class) and 2 days gabbing about town with my sis-in-law! So I'd like to have some projects along for the flight and the down time in the hotel.

As always, I'd love to hear from you regarding names for the girls...and things to do and see in San Antonio! Hope your weekend has been as relaxing as ours!


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TamboinMO said...

Kim, That is one WAY cool pillow!!! I might have to try that too.....oh to find the time.....and to think that you might be using my little woolies to make it KEWL?!