Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tonight's The Night.....

Caiprinia's tonight! YEAH! The hubster had them started for me when I walked in the door this evening!!!

Those that asked me about the's how I make them:

I quarter 3 limes (after I roll them around on the cutting board, of course)..and place in a lovely antique footed pitcher I picked up Goodwill for $3.00. ;o)

Okay--quarter the limes....then put about 1 cup of sugar over the limes. Pull out your heavy ice cream scoop from Pampered Chef (or any other utensil good for mashing stuff, but not a potato masher..doesn't work so well)...take the ice cream scoop and pound and twist and muddle the limes and sugar together. YUM!

Then I take a vintage glass medicine cup and pour 4 oz or a little more..of Bacardi Limon Rum in to the pitcher. Add a tray of ice cubes...stir and YUM!

Try some! They're sweet and refreshing and oh so summery!!!



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not Quite Ready for Lime-Time

Happy Hump Day!! I'm thinkin' tonight might be a good night to break out the limes...enjoy a caiprinia or two! YUM! My fav' thing lately!

Now, those limes look pretty sad....huh? Nah..they're perfectly fine! Just a little bruised and disheveled on the outside..but inside, pure luscious limey goodness!

Almost lime-time!!! Enjoy your day!


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fear is Temporary...

Regret is Forever.

WOW! What a statement! Fear is Temporary - Regret is Forever.

Surely a powerful statement! Especially on a Sunday night...the verge of another work week. I never look forward to Mondays and that's a very sad thing to say!

All weekend my sleep has been restless.....constant thoughts running thru my head of work stuff.....UGH!!!! I HATE that! It's infiltrating every crevice!

Yes..I was in San Antonio for a work-related class....a CIC Institute...and I believe that I have successfully achieved this professional designation..and of that, I am proud. So why, then, do I find this JOB I am in so unfulfilling? So......stifling!

I honestly don't mind what I do. I'm good at it, and I enjoy it, for the most part. It's all the rigidity....the internal power struggles and office politics that go on. It seems like such a waste of time and energy!

Maybe I'm at that age....but no...I think I'm just at that 'questioning' stage...and it has a lot to do with losing my dad a year or so truly makes you realize how short life is....and....well....shouldn't I be doing something that makes me happy? Or at least be happy with what I'm doing? They are not one and the same....but still.

I often think if I could use my professional knowledge (limited, but hey...there must be something there! LOL)....if I could use it in a more independent way....a less restrictive way...more of a part-time way.....and yet still have time for creative chase the dream of living a creative life and still make ends meet....I'm like the little engine that could....I think I can..I think I can....there MUST be a way...there IS a way....but then the "F" word enters the picture and I am paralyzed. Fear.

Fear is Temporary - Regret is Forever

I don't want to live (or die) with regret. This I know!


Sunday Mornin' Rain Is Falling...'s not falling right this very SECOND, but it was.....

I hope everyone's having a great weekend! It's a lazy Sunday morning....not sure if it's sinus issues or restless sleep or PMS, or a combination of all three, but I can tell the day is going to be a relaxing least I'm going to TRY and make it a relaxing one!

Yesterday was uneventful....did a little errand-running....a quilt shop here in town was having a 30% off sale...30% off 1930s bolts(no thanks, I'll pass)...30% off Lakehouse fabric bolts (I picked up two little black/white prints for a quilt for my nephew)..and 30% off bolted batiks! And they have a TON! Hoffman batiks at that! My favorite! I picked up just electric blue/black one (again for the nephew's quilt)...and then a bluish one with big bubbles on it..just because (sorry---no pic)..and then this one...

It's those darn earthtones again! But I just really liked this one. Not sure why....but I said "a yard and a half please"...and home it came with me.

As you know, I recently made a trip to San Antonio...for an insurance class.....and my sis-in-law, Mona (Hi Mona!) came down and we had a little girl time. We went north to Gruene and had a lovely day...lunch at the Grist Mill restaurant...wandered thru an art fair that happened to be in town...and hit a cool quilt shop in New Braunfels...The Quilt Haus. She pulled some great fabbies for a couple Christmas quilts (she's smart....thinking ahead)...and I got a couple of the Moda William Morris prints...along with a companion barnish red print...lovely

Now...the intent...after many hours in the shop...was that I would do a double irish chain.....and home the fabrics came with me. Nestled up on a shelf with the stash. After yesterday's acquisitions came home...they also went up on the shelf...beside the San Antonio purchases....and LOOK!

I am rethinking the double irish chain now. Because this batik and that William Morris print have a little somethin'somethin' going on. I don't think it's as evident in this pic...remember...I need a new camera..and this is why! But trust me...there's somethin' brewin' here! I'll keep you posted!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thank you MELISSA (aka Musings from a Three Bedroom Ranch)

Look what's coming SOON!!! A new studio album! From our fav' guy, Jackson! "Time The Conqueror"

Thanks, Melissa for the info!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOO!!! I'll be stalking the CD aisle come September! And ooooh...doesn't he look super sexy with that facial hair? Ah yes...yes he does.....

Now if my other fav' older man would put out some new music.....

Sing to me Donnie.....ah sing to me! One of my most favorite songs that he sang lead on from the Eagles...I LOVE this song...and his voice.....oooooh his voice! ;o)

Go recycle something now---would you?


Monday, July 14, 2008

Where are we...Salem? GEEZ!!!

Oh the hub...such a jokester....he and Jake are just freaked OUT (still) by 'the girls'. They just can't imagine them integrated into the funky household decor....though I can. They will be right at home!

Still...the hub thought it would be humorous to put them in a pictoral setting in which HE feels they belong.......

Now--I did not witness this public atrocity.....rather I saw him when he was quickly putting them back in their spot on the chair...and he had this freaked out look on his face..accompanied by a weak smile and his camera in hand. Jake was laughing hysterically....and then the hub fessed up.....and NOW he's even MORE freaked out because he thinks he's probably awakened the REAL evil in the girls.

Good grief...they're sweet primitive girls! I *DID* remind him, albeit in a friendly manner, that karma is a bitch! LOL


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Do You See What *I* See?

I ripped this page out of a mag as soon as I saw it! Definitely a future project in this pic!!! Can you guess what it is? Yes...the wall color is lovely and I do love it...and the idea of framing those cool papers is a good one...that's not what I spied and have on my project list! It's that PILLOW! in the CHAIR! Does that not look like a ton of wool circles sewed on to the pillow? Why yes...yes it does! I LOVE it! So tactile! sooooooooooo....remember these?

The blue-green ones...aaaaah.....I think they have a purpose now! Or maybe a multi-color one! or both! I see circles in my future!!!

Yesterday was a relaxing some cleaning done...some knitting.....but didn't get down to the sewing room. So today I hope to do that!

The girls (still unnamed, but LOVE your ideas Katrina!)

and I have lounged this weekend....but today I will be venturing down to work on this

Gotta get some blocks basted and ready for handwork! I leave on Tuesday EARLY for San Antonio....3 days at CIC (insurance class) and 2 days gabbing about town with my sis-in-law! So I'd like to have some projects along for the flight and the down time in the hotel.

As always, I'd love to hear from you regarding names for the girls...and things to do and see in San Antonio! Hope your weekend has been as relaxing as ours!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Where Has the Week Gone?

Oh my gosh it's just flown by! I hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July! Ours was fine....the men in the household become pyromaniacs this time of the year and expect me to be the ever faithful audience, and so it was.

Otherwise it was supposed to be...SUPPOSED TO BE a long weekend of nursing a bum heel (otherwise known as plantar fasciitis), per doc's orders. And so it began like this....

Oh I had big plans....big plans of staying off my feet and getting tons of creative handwork done. Ah alas...the universe had other plans. Not good. Let's just say my weekend ended with an altercation between me and the wire bunny guard fence around the garden, and I didn't fare well! I can laugh about it now....5 days later...after drug induced sleep and other miscellaneous pain relief efforts. I got tangled up in the damn fence and fell..HARD...on the HARD DIRT..IN the garden....ON my HIP. OMG it was not good! I missed 2 days of work and lots of time I could have spent doing something creative! UGH! I could hear Dad...up in the heavens..."Way to go, Grace!"....LOL I'm kind of a klutz....and dad used to always say that to me, as I tripped over air. LOL But anyhoo...after many days doing my best impression of Tim Conways "slow old man" character...shuffling between my bum hip on the left and my bum heel on the right.....the week, and any sort of walking, was long. But I'm on the mend. YAY!

In quilting news.....I got the pieces to Vic's Red Thistle quilt cut excited at the thought of starting this last weekend...but then...this........

BLAH! BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! TOOOOOO BORING! Yuck! Had to get a new background fabric going. Couldn't find anything that was singing out of my today after work, I ran out to Quilted Memories, in Brandon...chatted for a couple hours with my buddy, Twyla...and came home with a lovely new background from the Civil War Dressing Gowns collection......

I love this so much better!!!!! So tomorrow, I do plan to get these giagantuan blocks all ready for the handwork!!!

Oh! OH! Look what came in the mail today too!!!!! Oh my goodness I feel like I hit the Primitive Jackpot when I ran across this fabulous artist online! Look!!!!

I LOVE these gals! So primitive in an artsy way!!! The artist makes each one without any sort of a pattern....they just magically appear under her needle and thread! Amazing!!! I have to think up some names for these gals! Any idea? Now let me tell you this..............the guys here in the house.....they ALL are completely FREAKED OUT by these little gals! They say they are SCARY! That these are ODD and VERY VERY FRIGHTENING and they SWEAR that weird things are going to start happening around our house. Jake keeps turning them to face the wall! WHA? Are you kidding me? LOL Just LOOK at these FABULOUSLY handcrafted FACES!!!

Twyla and I have decided they must be sisters. And so I need some names...and let's NOT go with the hub's suggestion of "Doomy and Gloomy". LOL Seriously....they're cool! Don't you think? What do these men know...nothing! :o)


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!!

Get your PATRIOTIC on!!! Have a great safe one!!!