Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sorry for the posting lapse...

I've been spending time at the gym and also a little time with Bill. Bill is a big part of my latest quilt....Bill, as in William, as in Morris. Ah yes...I cut up a large part of my Rose & Hubble William Morris prints. No pics yet...but I think it's going to be wonderful! Of course I'm biased. It IS, after all, my quilt. LOL

I've been hitting the gym addition to working, and the usual household crap. And speaking of household crap, anyone out there ever get really really REALLY sick of picking up after your spouse? Huh? Well, I'm there. RIGHT THERE. I've actually stopped doing it....his clothes lay where they are....and then when he figures out that I am not his MOTHER...he picks them up and sends them down the laundry chute. Oh yes...he used to pick them up and throw them in FRONT of the laundry chute..I kid you not. IN FRONT OF THE DAMN CHUTE! UGH! I, of course, in my stubborn defiance, would leave them there. I am seriously sick of being the one to take care of everything. Seriously. Sick. Of it. Don't get me wrong...I will take care of my kiddos---no problemo! But I don't think I should have to take CARE of my SPOUSE and EVERY THING AROUND THIS HOUSE!! Can you SENSE my frustration? LOL

Okay----breathe, Kim...breathe. He He He hooooooooooo....He He He hooooooooooooo....oh wait, that's Lemaze breathing and I am so done with giving birth! I'll just take big deep relaxing breaths.......*INHAAAALE*......*EXhale*....okay...enough. I'm fine now!


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