Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Slight Plea for some Assistance......

Wanna help me sort socks? Yuck! I hate this job! LOL I don't blame you for shaking your head NO! I have some other assistance to ask for. I'll be traveling to San Antonio for business in about 2 weeks...YAY! Can't wait! But...I need to know if there are any "MUST SEE" quilt shops, or other funky art shops that I must see?? My new sis, Mona, is going to drive down from Dallas and spend the weekend...and we are two gals that are searching for some artsy fartsy fun!!! If you have any suggestions, let me hear 'em!

Also...another bit of assistance...that I alluded to in my post yesterday...I am in dire need of a pic of Vic's Red Thistle Quilt by Gerry Kimmel-Carr...Red Wagon Quilts. Calling all primitive applique aficionados...anyone have a pic of the quilt from the book...can't remember which book it's in though. I'm hurtin'! LOL

Any help on these issues I can get from blogland would be so appreciated!!! Many thanks!


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