Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reliving La Vida Loca Part 4 of 4

The day of the wedding, Saturday, was beautiful! The sky was so blue and it was magical! We were a little concerned earlier in the week of the chance of rain...but nope! was WARM and the nuptials were at high noon...but it was just perfect!

The happy couple!

They have a gorgeous group of girls between the two of them! So cute and all super super nice! Now I have two new nieces! LOL Now they have a cool aunt Kim. LOL

A lovely It was a great day!!

Ready? You'll have to catch your breath after this pic........

Is that not the most beautiful wedding pic ever? Does that not look like it came right out of a brochure promoting tropical weddings!?! LOVE! These two are just wonderful and so dear to me!

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B! Mona--I held back....shortened it to Mrs. B...just for you! LOL So glad you're my sis now!!!

I'll stop with the pics for today....4 parts is good for a Saturday!



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, those photos are gorgeous!! Makes me want to talk MY kids into getting married in Mexico! Wow! Everyone looked absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing them, and congratulations to Mona and your bro!


Katrina said...

Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful wedding.

Jacque said...

All the pictures are breathtaking and I just love her beautiful! Glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Axe Victim said...

Indeed that last photograph is stunningly beautiful. What a great looking wedding. I wished mine was like that!!!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Very beautiful setting... Where's Kim??
Hugs, Deb