Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reliving La Vida Loca! Part 1 of 4

Finally I have taken pics off the camera....let's see....Blogger only lets me do 5 at a we'll do this in 'parts'! How fun! LOL

As you can see...I packed the important things for the flight.....Louis and dishrag knitting! The ipod was tucked neatly inside keeping the camera company. We left South Dakota early....headed to Denver.

This was taken as we were nearing Denver.....

I had to take that pic because I loved the shapes etc and I think there's a future art quilt in that yeah.

Next view from the plane was water!

Obviously we were getting closer! And finally...we landed in Cancun.

We were greeted with warm temps and an overcast day. The locals said it had rained earlier....but it didn't matter to me.....palm trees were in sight! Aaaaaaah!!!! We loaded up in a van and headed about an hour Playa Del Carmen...finally reaching our BEAUTIFUL resort and after checking in, we were shown to our room. This was the view off the balcony!

Aaaaaah....this was going to be NICE! YEah!!! :O)

Stay tuned....

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Deborah/LavenderRose said...

So much like me with that knitting...I'd have books falling all over the place too! :]