Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Aah..yesterday was a very interesting and partially relaxing day! I was off work at noon (Love that!)...and then it was off to the spa for an hour hot stone massage! WOW! Talk about WONDERFUL! It was pure heaven! I was so relaxed! I also treated myself to a luxurious pedicure..gotta get ready for Mexico!

You like? I love OPI nailcolors...and selected "An Affair in Red Square"'s fabulous and metallic red! LOVE! Toesies are if the thighs would follow suit, I'd be an ecstatically happy girl. But oh well...thank God for my tie-dye sari! LOL

The background for the pedi pic is William Morris quilt. Had a spurt of not-relaxing-stuff happening here at the house, so I trodded downstairs to the quilt studio about 10:30 or so last night and pieced it right up!

I love all those Bill prints together! And the gold just sets them off! The pattern I based this on shows a border on just the top and bottom of the quilt. And so I'm trying to decide what to use for the border.

This is the same gold that is used within the quilt. That is the fabric that the pattern shows for the border...but the pattern is blue with red bars and so a red border. I think this is just too...'eh'. I'm sure when it's quilted it will look different...but still. I don't know.

Then there's this option

That's floating a little gold inner border and then bringing out my fav' Bill print for the border.

I just don't know.....of course I can always go completely borderless and just do a thick gold binding. *SIGH* Decisions decisions.

What do you think? Let me hear from you! Help me finish this up!


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Melissa said...

I think Bill looks great! Fabulous fabrics! The toenails rock too!