Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Slight Plea for some Assistance......

Wanna help me sort socks? Yuck! I hate this job! LOL I don't blame you for shaking your head NO! I have some other assistance to ask for. I'll be traveling to San Antonio for business in about 2 weeks...YAY! Can't wait! But...I need to know if there are any "MUST SEE" quilt shops, or other funky art shops that I must see?? My new sis, Mona, is going to drive down from Dallas and spend the weekend...and we are two gals that are searching for some artsy fartsy fun!!! If you have any suggestions, let me hear 'em!

Also...another bit of assistance...that I alluded to in my post yesterday...I am in dire need of a pic of Vic's Red Thistle Quilt by Gerry Kimmel-Carr...Red Wagon Quilts. Calling all primitive applique aficionados...anyone have a pic of the quilt from the book...can't remember which book it's in though. I'm hurtin'! LOL

Any help on these issues I can get from blogland would be so appreciated!!! Many thanks!


Saturday, June 28, 2008

Trying to get back to some creative blogging!

That's what I intend to do! Let's manuever this blog kinda back to some creative things, shall we!?

Of course today nothing REALLY creative was in the air. But the other day I did pull out a huge chunk of a fabulously vintage looking HUGE floral older Amy Butler....and since I can't bear to cut it up...left it in all it's glory and just pieced two long pieces together. I'm guessing you can't revel in the full glory of the colors via this pic...but maybe you'll get the idea. I SOOOO need a new camera!

The plan is to get one of the new Amy prints..maybe one of the more nouveau looking a great ochre or some other unexpected color combo...and make a big reversible throw! I think after it's quilted, I'll do scalloped edges and bind it in a gray-black and love it!

I did a little shopping today. I stopped off at the quilt shop and picked up a chunk of a neutral background so I can start a red, green, gold/brown applique!

You like? I plan to make one of those big 4-block appliques...Vic's Red Thistle Quilt by Red Wagon. I can find my freezer paper patterns but cannot locate the darn book! UGH! I hope I can remember the placement!?!?!? If anyone has a pic of that quilt, I would SOOOOOO appreciate seeing it so I can remember how it's laid out! :o/

I also stopped off at TJ Maxx...needed some new sheets...flannel was a bit warm now, so it was time for some new sheets....and on the way to the sheet aisle..I ran across this nifty box that just had to come home with me!

Isn't it cool? Look's made from tubes of rolled up magazine pages!

Loved it...and $12.99 I thought was a fair price for something so unique! I've seen trays and bowls just like this at our local Ten Thousand Villages shop, but at the time didn't want to let go of $18 for a small tray or bowl, but this was a good deal I thought! So colorful! I know I'll end up going downtown to 10KVillages and getting some companion pieces now.

I'm going to go now....I have a few of my favorite things waiting for me..........

Yep...that's Emmitt, Ipod and ATS, all huddled up in my easy chair! Think I'll join them.... I'm going to pick a needle back up and try and find my old self!!! Wish me luck and we'll catch up more tomorrow!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reliving La Vida Loca Part 4 of 4

The day of the wedding, Saturday, was beautiful! The sky was so blue and it was magical! We were a little concerned earlier in the week of the chance of rain...but nope! was WARM and the nuptials were at high noon...but it was just perfect!

The happy couple!

They have a gorgeous group of girls between the two of them! So cute and all super super nice! Now I have two new nieces! LOL Now they have a cool aunt Kim. LOL

A lovely It was a great day!!

Ready? You'll have to catch your breath after this pic........

Is that not the most beautiful wedding pic ever? Does that not look like it came right out of a brochure promoting tropical weddings!?! LOVE! These two are just wonderful and so dear to me!

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B! Mona--I held back....shortened it to Mrs. B...just for you! LOL So glad you're my sis now!!!

I'll stop with the pics for today....4 parts is good for a Saturday!


Reliving La Vida Loca Part 3 of 4

Jake was lounging...he cut all his hair off before the trip! EEEEK!

Lest we forget the main reason we were there....Saturday was the big day!!! I helped my new sis get ready to become my new sis...

She was stunningly beautiful!

Then had to help big bro get ready...he was so calm and cool and collected...

Isn't he handsome!

And we all proceeded the gazebo just off the beach.....

To be continued...

Reliving La Vida Loca Part 2 of 4

The beach was fabulous! Those 'whales' you see, as my new sis Mona calls them, are GIANT sandbags...seems they lost a BUNCH of their shoreline....but I still think it was completely magnificent!

The palm trees...the white sand....the COLOR of that WATER! OMG I was in heaven!!! And this is pretty much where I spent my Thursday afternoon (after our zipline experience) and all of Friday...

Which is pretty much why my back was ROASTED by Friday evening. Do not ever rely on the hub to get sunscreen on the back where you cannot least not my hub. UGH! No pics of that was too painful. LOL

More pics from our balcony...the resort was just gorgeous...

Spotlessly clean and it looked JUST like the photos on the website. Amazing. I would highly recommend it!

more to follow........

Reliving La Vida Loca! Part 1 of 4

Finally I have taken pics off the camera....let's see....Blogger only lets me do 5 at a we'll do this in 'parts'! How fun! LOL

As you can see...I packed the important things for the flight.....Louis and dishrag knitting! The ipod was tucked neatly inside keeping the camera company. We left South Dakota early....headed to Denver.

This was taken as we were nearing Denver.....

I had to take that pic because I loved the shapes etc and I think there's a future art quilt in that yeah.

Next view from the plane was water!

Obviously we were getting closer! And finally...we landed in Cancun.

We were greeted with warm temps and an overcast day. The locals said it had rained earlier....but it didn't matter to me.....palm trees were in sight! Aaaaaaah!!!! We loaded up in a van and headed about an hour Playa Del Carmen...finally reaching our BEAUTIFUL resort and after checking in, we were shown to our room. This was the view off the balcony!

Aaaaaah....this was going to be NICE! YEah!!! :O)

Stay tuned....

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's a Heavenly Friday!

Wow! It's been a while since I posted and I have been remiss in even unloading the digital camera from our Mexico trip, which was FABULOUS!!! I promise I'll get to that this weekend and get some pics up. It was a wonderful trip!!! refreshing and relaxing and beautiful!!!

And now it's Friday already! Yeah! Time for the weekend, which I am so ready for!! Imagine THAT! LOL

If you're not familiar with Patty Griffin, you should be. I wanted to share what's been piping into my head via ipod the last couple days. I love this song! So fitting today for my state of mind and the weather and just life in general! :o)



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adios, Amigos!

Playa Del Carmen I come!!! Wooooooohooo!!! We board the plane at the ludicrous buttcrack of dawn....and we're off to the fabulous RIU resort, Riviera Maya, to celebrate the wedding of my big bro, Richard, and my fabulous soon-to-be-sis-in-law, Mona! Aaaah...the ocean is calling!!!

The bags are packed....the knitting is ready....the camera is loaded with new batteries...the ipod is fully charged....the dogs are pouting...and the alarm will be going off before I know it, I'm sure!

I plan to spend the next 5 days with sugary white sand under my ass and a cold adult beverage in my hand! Oh..well..except for the day when we do a 2 mile zipline over the rainforest! That will be amazing!

I'll have pics when I return! Enjoy your week!


Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Awesome Tunemaster

If you don't already know need to get to know him. He's fabulous! Amos Lee.

He's currently piping directly in to my head via my new Bose earbuds attached to the grand ol' ipod. Aaaaah.....wonderful!


Happy Saturday!

Aah..yesterday was a very interesting and partially relaxing day! I was off work at noon (Love that!)...and then it was off to the spa for an hour hot stone massage! WOW! Talk about WONDERFUL! It was pure heaven! I was so relaxed! I also treated myself to a luxurious pedicure..gotta get ready for Mexico!

You like? I love OPI nailcolors...and selected "An Affair in Red Square"'s fabulous and metallic red! LOVE! Toesies are if the thighs would follow suit, I'd be an ecstatically happy girl. But oh well...thank God for my tie-dye sari! LOL

The background for the pedi pic is William Morris quilt. Had a spurt of not-relaxing-stuff happening here at the house, so I trodded downstairs to the quilt studio about 10:30 or so last night and pieced it right up!

I love all those Bill prints together! And the gold just sets them off! The pattern I based this on shows a border on just the top and bottom of the quilt. And so I'm trying to decide what to use for the border.

This is the same gold that is used within the quilt. That is the fabric that the pattern shows for the border...but the pattern is blue with red bars and so a red border. I think this is just too...'eh'. I'm sure when it's quilted it will look different...but still. I don't know.

Then there's this option

That's floating a little gold inner border and then bringing out my fav' Bill print for the border.

I just don't know.....of course I can always go completely borderless and just do a thick gold binding. *SIGH* Decisions decisions.

What do you think? Let me hear from you! Help me finish this up!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sorry for the posting lapse...

I've been spending time at the gym and also a little time with Bill. Bill is a big part of my latest quilt....Bill, as in William, as in Morris. Ah yes...I cut up a large part of my Rose & Hubble William Morris prints. No pics yet...but I think it's going to be wonderful! Of course I'm biased. It IS, after all, my quilt. LOL

I've been hitting the gym addition to working, and the usual household crap. And speaking of household crap, anyone out there ever get really really REALLY sick of picking up after your spouse? Huh? Well, I'm there. RIGHT THERE. I've actually stopped doing it....his clothes lay where they are....and then when he figures out that I am not his MOTHER...he picks them up and sends them down the laundry chute. Oh yes...he used to pick them up and throw them in FRONT of the laundry chute..I kid you not. IN FRONT OF THE DAMN CHUTE! UGH! I, of course, in my stubborn defiance, would leave them there. I am seriously sick of being the one to take care of everything. Seriously. Sick. Of it. Don't get me wrong...I will take care of my kiddos---no problemo! But I don't think I should have to take CARE of my SPOUSE and EVERY THING AROUND THIS HOUSE!! Can you SENSE my frustration? LOL

Okay----breathe, Kim...breathe. He He He hooooooooooo....He He He hooooooooooooo....oh wait, that's Lemaze breathing and I am so done with giving birth! I'll just take big deep relaxing breaths.......*INHAAAALE*......*EXhale*....okay...enough. I'm fine now!