Friday, May 16, 2008

Well Crappers!

I was going to post some lovely pics of the luscious and yummy new wools I got from Tammy at (sorry---for some reason I can't post the link! You'll have to cut and paste!), but dammit if my camera batteries aren't "exhausted". Yeah...whatever!'ll have to wait until tomorrow! Trust's going to be worth the wait. They are WONDERFUL!

Tomorrow I'm meeting a couple friends and we're going to take a tour of the lofts downtown! Fun fun fun! There are 11 on the tour I do believe....I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about after that! I better leave earlier than planned now, due to the exhausted camera batteries! LOL I'm very excited, because I have always pictured myself living the funky artsy life in a loft, and so tomorrow I can get a glimpse of the life right here in Sioux Falls.

I just finished watching the Cavs take it to a Game 7! Yeah! Go Cavs! You know...that's the Ohio-raised gal comin' out! Gotta route for King James and the Cavs! Now I'm enjoying the Laker/Jazz game. Jake is at a 'last day of middle school' party (he's growing up..a boy-girl party.....*SIGH*), current spouse is asleep (surprise surprise!) and I'm all alone and lovin' it! ;o)

I think I'll go refresh my beverage and work on that last vintage fruit needlepoint! Enjoy your evening and we'll touch base tomorrow---with PICS!


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