Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tell Me What You See in This Pic?

BLISS! That's what I see! Heaven! A FABULOUS next few days!!!

Current spouse is gone for a whole WEEK! Fishing at Lake Erie...for A * WHOLE * WEEK! Now...those of you that know me-know me KNOW that this is BLISS for me! Those of you that know me-know me KNOW that there's a reason I never say I'm married to my best friend...because I'm not! LOL And so I'm just ECSTATIC that I have a WHOLE WEEK to myself! celebration...I have taken a vacation day tomorrow as well! WOOOHOO! A long weekend! DVDs galore....some Blue Moon...and pizza! Aaaaah.....tis a wonderful life I will be leading! LOL

Come on' Kool & The Gang with me...."Cellll ebrate good times..C'MON!"

Okay--there's something a little sad about that fact that I'm so damn happy this evening!



Paulette said...

WOOHOOO, I SEE 27 DRESSES!!! Great movie! You got some good ones, and oh how I wish I could come join you for pizza and beverages! :) Have a wonderful weekend - all to yourself!


Jeanne said...

I know exactly how you feel Kim! I love my DH but absolutely love alone time when he's out of town - watching my favorite flicks, staying up stitching until all hours, no cooking, etc! My DH has some traveling coming up soon for work and pleasure so I'm planning to make good use of my time. Have fun!