Saturday, May 03, 2008

She Got Electric Boobs... heard during the B-B-B-Bennie & the Jets segment of 27 Dresses!

Great movie! If you haven't seen it yet...treat yourself! It's great!

Today---simple and relaxing day! Tooled around the house for a bit.....worked out for a bit. Yay me on that one! I actually went to the gym. I realized I have about 5 weeks to calm down the jiggly parts before I have to don a swimsuit in Mexico! Time to get serious about this! LOL So off to the gym I went for an afternoon workout...and it felt GREAT!

Came home and watched Waitress...and that just made me want PIE! LOL But I didn't have any pie....I had Crystal Light instead. Aren't you proud?

Tried to watch the Beatrix Potter movie....didn't finish it though. I'm sure it's charming, but I wasn't in the mood aparently!

Just got back from dinner out with my two wonderful sons...Coco Palace for some awesome rolls. Gotta love Japanese food! YUM! And now I'm watching basketball and getting ready to work on needlepoint. Still toiling away on the vintage fruits....background is about 1/2 done on the last one. Then it'll be time to hunt for a fabulous decorator weight fabric and tons of drippy fringe!

Hope your Saturday was pleasant as well! Go Spurs! *Peace!

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