Friday, May 02, 2008

Saturday Errands on Friday + Before & After!

Gotta love that! Means I have the WHOLE FLIPPIN weekend to do whatever I want!

First up-----I finally....FINALLY got the washer fixed. Sick of waiting on current spouse to do anything about's only been over a YEAR! EGADS! So I took the bull by the horns...otherwise known as PICKING UP THE PHONE AND WRITING A CHECK...and had Ron from Ron's Appliance Repair in this morning for a little repair session. Presto! Washer fixed! Imagine THAT!

Then watched Juno.....great movie !! Loved it!

Then it was off to take Emmitt to his big makeover today! Okay---it's really called a GROOMING appointment!

Emmitt Before:

Kinda resembles a teddy bear on steroids at this stage! LOL He's so funny!

and....Emmitt After:

A good grooming really brings the miniature schnauzer out in him!

Now he's all soft and snuggly! We'll be snuggled in for a night of movie watching! 27 Dresses is first up and we'll see what goes from there!

On the project front...I think I'll stitch tonight. Tomorrow, I may cut out an applique quilt...maybe. Not sure if I have a big enough chunk of background fabrics for the quilt I want to do. Vic's Red Thistle Quilt from Red Wagon. A good ol' red, green & gold applique quilt! Gotta love!

Okay---I hope you had a fabulous Friday!!! :o) It's raining...and they're calling for sleet and snow tonight! EEEK! HEL-LO! It's MAY! Somebody tell Mother Nature it's MAY! MAY!!!! No snow!!!! Who cares if it'll be up in the 50s tomorrow..there's just something fundamentally wrong with residing in a place where it flippin SNOWS in MAY! Ahem...okay....'nuf said! LOL


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amy said...

Honey, I shrunk the dog! :-))) Sorry, I couldn't resist cause Emmitt is so cute before and so TINY after. He's not minature. He's tiny.