Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Okay QUICK!!!!! Gimme your best tips for...

toning up 5 weeks!!! EEEEK! Mexico is looming...and I'm super excited...except for the fact that I'll be in a swimsuit! EEEEK!! My "target" areas are my upper arms...and my thighs.......any tips? Please PLEASE PLEASE leave comments with your suggestions! I'm thinking heavy duty treadmill workouts and weights...maybe some SlimFast lunches.......anyone else have any good suggestions? I'm getting nervous! Oh..and a tan! LOL Figure I'll do a little tanbed action so I'm not pasty white...doesn't that always make you look thinner??



Katrina said...

Lunges and squats for your lower body, light weights for upper body and lots of cardio :-). I like the elliptical and the treadmill (do inclines). Try to cut out the "white" stuff, rice, flour, pasta, sugar and stick to whole grains.

TamboinMO said...

My best suggestion is the book "Eating for Life". FOllow that plus the "body for life" exercise program. It will get you there quick!!!
Been there done that....and need to get back to it!!!
You go girl!
The eating plan is one small portion...about the size of your palm of lean protein and one small portion of a healthy carb about the size of your that every 3 hours......yeah, you feel like you are eating all the time, but I'm telling you it works!