Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh a Beautiful Day It Was Today!

WOW! The sun was shining...and then there was a little rain shower...and by the time I left work, it had just stopped showering and the sun was back out and it was warm! And there was that SMELL! That just-rained smell mixed with the sunshine and it was pure HEAVEN! A perfect thing to walk out into after a long day at work!

I did make it to the gym once again! Skipped the treadmill this time though....seems I may be developing shin splints. OUCH!! So it was the recumbent bike for me tonight and I actually think I got a better workout! Less calories burned...but I definitely worked up a sweat faster and was flushed and was working the thighs so it's all good! Came home and did a little strength workout and feel great!!! :o)

So this is a happy post! It seems like lately I've been posting not-so-happy posts, but I'm not depressed or anything...just jotting down my thoughts, etc. Thinking things through. It's all good.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY and so it just doesn't get much better! Hope your today was beautiful too!


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