Tuesday, May 06, 2008

If I Could....I Would...

pre-order this guy's album! I LOVE how he just switches stuff up and it just ROCKS! Go David Cook!

I wish he could have sang more of the song, but that's okay. I'm definitely purchasing this on ITunes for the ol' iPod!

And even though he didn't do so great tonight...I'm still a Jason Castro fan. Love the dreads...those EYES...that SMILE! And I thought his Bob Marley choice was fine. But..ahem...maybe it's just that Jason's fine? LOL

David A...eh....I'm kinda sick of him and I won't care if he wins, because David Cook doesn't need the 'title' to succeed! Sayesha is a lovely young lady and she will also go far.

But David Cook, every week that he switches songs up....I mean, c'mon!! Billie Jean!?!?? Need I say more......he rocks!


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