Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you ever feel like...

your life is not your own? If you've ever felt that way...what did you do about it? Did you just live with it...or did you make some profound changes to gain some control of your life?

As the days go on...I feel like I'm not really living my authentic life...the one I really want to live. And, well, that's just a sucky feeling! I don't much like sucky feelings....not like I did when I was three and enjoyed sucking my thumb! Nah..I would prefer not to have the feeling.

I just feel paralyzed at times, as far as making changes so that I am happier with my life. I am a fundamentally optimistic person.....people that know me-know me know this about me. I always get the "Oh you're always so up!" "You're always so happy and fun" etc etc....and I don't TRY to be that way, it's just the way I am. Still...more and more lately I just feel a disconnect with my life the way it is right now.

If you've "been there, done that", I'd love to hear from you!



Daisy said...

Yes, I have felt that feeling. I think it had to do with the fact that I was spending so much time doing things for everyone but me. I have tried to allow more time in my day for some things that I enjoy. It may sound selfish, but I just felt like I had gotten so far from who I was that I wasn't me anymore. It doesn't have to be a major change. Allow yourself a few minutes a day to read a good book or listen to music you enjoy or whatever. It has seemed to help me. I hope this idea helps you too! :)

Melissa said...

Kim-I know exactly what you are feeling. An authentic life....what does that really mean? Does it mean you fit your life to fit other people's expectations? Does it mean, that no matter what we dreamed about doing years ago, we adapted because we live in the real world and well, one has to have a roof over the head and food on the table, it's a fact of life. How do we be who we know we are while falling into the reality of being alive in the world?

Right now I am feeling very lost, the real me is trapped inside and I'm stuck being this other person that while she's not unpleasant she's not ME...does that make sense?

I have no personal space these days and there aren't enough hours in the day to claim just for myself. I probably should have just emailed you because I have a lot to say on this subject--LOL...