Saturday, May 24, 2008

Did you say Labor Day weekend?

The beginning of fall? Football season? Crisp temps in the air? Oh...huh? It's MEMORIAL Day weekend? The kickoff for SUMMER??? REALLY? Nah...can't be. It's, windy, overcast and rainy! The leaves should be turning any day now! LOL

Oh this weather! I want a sunshiney weekend!! Isn't that what Memorial Day is supposed to be? Sunshine, cookouts, and fun times? Well we're having none of that! Except the 'fun times' part...because I've decided to make my own fun time!

Today...I somewhat slept in...lounged with Emmitt and Starbucks (no...not a new pet---the coffee). Then I decided to get off my duff and go work out (Yay for me again...sorry..I have to plug myself so that when I read this back I'll be so happy and continue to work out).

Then it was downstairs to cut fabric for the blue/green/tan/gold quilt. *YAAAAWN* It's sooooooooooooo BORING....that quilt. I can't stand it! Here's proof:

It's just okay...waaaaay too boring though. So I'm just going to have to inject some 'me' in to this mix or it will never get pieced! And so this will end up being another one in the collection...since it's not going to read 'blue' when it's done now! I've decided to add some new fabrics. What do you think?

I think it needs the red red red...and a little black thrown in never hurts. I think this is going to change the whole dynamic of the quilt and it will be much more enjoyable to work on and to look at when it's done!

I took a break a few hours ago, though, and have never made it back downstairs. I ran a few errands and picked up the latest issue of one of my very fav' magazines....

La Vie Claire has the most gorgeous photographs and quotes and inspiration, and it's always a treat when I get a new issue! So I plopped my worked-out-butt in the recliner and lounged with Emmitt and La Vie Claire.

It's been an enjoyable Saturday, even without the sun. I hope you've been lucky enough to have some warmth and sunshine today!


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