Sunday, May 04, 2008

Confession #129 - I Have a Different Life--In the Closet

I the hall closet! I purposely purchase things to use in my "real house"...the one that's decorated just like I want it to be....the one that I really see myself living in. I have two sets of fancy flatware that I plan to use in my "real house", with the vintage china I've been my "real house"....that is decorated with all of the lovely items currently stored up in the hall closet.

There will be lots of color injected in my "real house".....I will have a red sofa and colors on the wall and lots of pillows and quilts and music and smiling my "real house". How pathetic is that? I am in denial of some sort.

I am currently living in a house that is not specifically decorated the way I would like.....I've tried to inject as much of me as I can in it...but I'm met with resistance frequently, so I've kind of given up and have resorted to decorating my "real house" in my head...and have all of the accessories stored and waiting, along with two sets of fancy Reed & Barton flatware that I love but is deemed too ornate for another in the household. So it waits....for me and my "real house".

In the meantime, I sit on a brown chair....looking at a brown sofa....and another brown chair....with beige carpet....and if he could get away with it, I swear there would be camo in the room as well. I cannot stand the color brown. Seriously. Yet here I sit...among the brown furniture....dreaming of my real house with my red sofa. One day soon I will have a red sofa......and can empty the hall closet of it's treasures and live in my real house.

In the meantime, I store things for my real house in the hall closet. What is WRONG with me? I should seriously be asking myself why I have a different life stored up in the closet....why am I not living that life my current situation? I don't know....I've brought a few things out of the closet....but there's still way more up there...waiting. It's getting closer to being unpacked though...I can feel it! One way or another, I will live in vivid color!


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Melissa said...

Bloom where you are planted! I struggle with this daily. My house isn't what I want it to be. I have this vision, I see it, but right now I can't afford a new couch, the puppy has eaten my current one. It's an embarasment but a new couch just isn't in the cards at the moment. I'm trying to create a feel that represents me, but I'm stuck with early junkyard. It bring what you have out of the closet and you know what, use the damn silverware even if it's just at your place at the table. Life is too short. LIVE FOR NOW!!!!