Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cheap Thrills

I LOVE this bowl. I have two of them. They were a cheap thrill from my Dallas trip. When I go down there, I just love hitting the thrift stores and 'antique' malls etc searching for treasure. These were found at the Goodwill store. $1 each. They are heavy. They are wonderful. They are unmarked and I would love to know more about there's a name associated with this bowl. Does anyone know? Please oh please let me know if you have any information on this type of glass. I think it's old, but I only think that because they are HEAVY and there are no markings on them.

Another cheap thrill....

I love lilacs....I will suffer through the impending headache from the allergens being cast in to the air at this very moment, because they're so pretty. Besides...cut and in a vase, they only seem to last a couple days before they start smelling rancid. They're lovely!

In other news...the workin' out has been working out. Though I haven't seen any magical transformation of my thighs....I'm holding out hope that I will look at least a little better in a couple weeks on the beach in Mexico, than I would have looked had I not started the workin' out again! And I love the cheap thrill I get from the headiness after I'm done working out. Must be releasing those magical endorphins! LOL It really is great though!


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Daisy said...

Those bowls are really pretty and I love lilacs too. Sure wish they could stay around a little longer. Isn't it funny how such little things can make us happy? Simple pleasures! :D