Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blues, Greens, Tans---Oh My!

A little while back, an old friend of mine said "You could make ME a quilt." and I said "Oh really? What's your favorite color?" and the response was "Blue". And so a week or so ago, I slowly kept pulling blues and then greens from the stash..laying them out and adding then taking away. Then I pulled a background print from the stash and this is what I ended up with:

*YAAAAWN* A little boring? And I have no clue nor idea for a pattern or what quilt I will make. Heck...I don't even know if said quilt will end up with said friend. And so I kept puttering around...and decided I liked the way the blues and greens looked with this goldish tan.

What do you think? It really warms up those fabrics! pattern sprung into the creative mind, still just aimlessly playing with fabrics.

Then yesterday, in true form, I decided if ONE goldish tan is good then MORE would be better! LOL And so I pulled more and more from the stash. THEN I actually picked up a book or two and started trying to find a simple pattern...because I'm just not that in to heavy piecing right's gotta be quick yet cool. And I think I finally maybe stumbled across one in 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts (I think that's the Evelyn Sloppy). The quilt is called Fall Frolic, but we'll just let that go, since the fabrics having nothing to do with fall and it's actually springtime! LOL So this is what has ended up on the cutting table:

I think it'll be nice, and I still don't know if it will be a quilt for the friend, or a quilt for me. We'll see when it's done! The great thing is, since it's scrappy, it'll be easy for me to make another if necessary!

So off I go to cut strips! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! The weather is gorgeous here! I'm heading downstairs to cut and watch the end of the Cavs game. Go Cavs!!!


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Daisy said...

I like the colors you chose and mixed and matched. Looks like it will make a beautiful quilt! :)